$10,000 PC Building Challenge!! (Hacking Computers)

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In this video, Networkchuck attempts to keep his sanity while helping his daughters with their first gaming PC build.

Gear we used for the build(Affiliate links):
Addie’s Motherboard: https://geni.us/NANlbI
Chloe’s Motherboard: https://geni.us/LqzrMU8
CPU: https://geni.us/Pyg0
AIO: https://geni.us/f3y8i
RAM: https://geni.us/REf7D
NVME: https://geni.us/FMM1T
HDD: https://geni.us/Wp59
PSU: https://geni.us/PRZA

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
1:13 ⏩ Ad read
2:49 ⏩ The journey begins(with coffee)
3:45 ⏩ The first roadblock(GPU shortage)
3:46 ⏩ The parts we used
5:05 ⏩ GPU shortage(the solution)
6:22 ⏩ Starting the build(staging)
6:43 ⏩ What is a motherboard?
7:01 ⏩ Brain of the computer?
8:03 ⏩ RAM! You cannot spit on it!
9:23 ⏩ Storage! (The computer kind)
9:54 ⏩ GPU transplant
10:38 ⏩ Installing the PSU and testing(fingers crossed)
12:22 ⏩ Post-build reflection
13:02 ⏩ Competition time!
14:49 ⏩ The winner is……
15:19 ⏩ Outro

This video, my daughters. Hello, Chloe. Hello, Chloe. And what’s your name? Network? Pig network. Pig are going to build their own gaming slash hacking computers and whoever can build a computer. The fastest will win 10,000 robots because that’s the only currency they care about. And second place is, are you sure you guys don’t want $10,000?
Yeah, I just want more. Cause I just want
Robux. Okay. Get outta here. Now. They didn’t know anything about building computers. So I had to teach them and it was frustrating. Sit down guys. Stop messing. Stop messing my stuff guys. You’re driving me nuts. Sit down. Add Chloe, honey. I’m gonna whip your little butt and you do that again. Sit up. We’re on camera, baby. Look at me. Add, sit down, Chloe, touch anything close
Like this.
It was so stinking hard. Oh my God. And we had a bit of trouble finding some parts, so we had to steal it. But by the end they will be computer building experts. And one of them will be 10,000 robot richer. Good job, honey. You won. And I hope you learn something too, because we will be talking about, Hey, how do you build a computer? And what are the parts that make up a computer? It’s super educational. So buckle your seat belts. Get ready, get some coffee going, uh, real quick. Before you watch me slowly slip into madness. Let me tell you about our sponsor of today’s video. Oracle today is pie day. If you’re watching this on March 14th, and if you are you’re in luck, cuz Oracle is hosting pie day 2022. This is free event that you don’t want to miss from fulls stack developer content to DevOps and analytics.
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Check it out. Also bonus all attendees. Receive a pie day, 2022 swag kit. I freaking love swag. I just do. And the first 500 participants to sign up for a free tier trial account for OCI, get a bonus gift. What is that bonus gift? I don’t know. You gotta sign up, gotta find out. So thanks again to Oracle for sponsoring this video. And honestly, what are you waiting for? Get signed up. I’m actually gonna register right now. Cause I wanna check this out. This is probably the best decision you’ll make today. Probably. I love that submit and no joke. That logos kind of scary and kind of cool. I’m digging it. I want a shirt with that on it. Oh, by the way, if you didn’t, that was free. So yeah, just, just do it now. I’m not sure if you know this, but everything in it requires coffee. So that’s where our journey starts.
I don’t like coffee.
We are on our way to micro center. We’re gonna build two gaming PCs for my darling dollars back here, but they’re not only for gaming. They’re gonna be using them for learning. Uh, they’re gonna learn Lennox. They’re gonna learn Python and they’re gonna learn how to hack. So before we hit our favorite computer store, we pop into a coffee shop for a much needed PC building fuel. If you wanna learn Python, you have to drink coffee. Okay?
Okay. Now I know what you’re thinking. My daughters are probably still too young for coffee, but Hey, I didn’t make the rules
Hot, hot I into, I just come on. Try to thank coffee on.
She won’t try the coffee.
I tried it. She has try it.
You did it last time when you were younger. Aren’t you bigger on braver now?
It’s good. Yeah. I
Got one. Now that we’re fueled up time to head to our favorite computer store micro center now full disclaimer, we hit a pretty big roadblock and we ended up having to go steal something from Walmart. Walmart, you wouldn’t think that right? But out of all places, they have exactly what we need right now. Let’s go get, we’ll talk about that here in a moment. I want a little crazy on the build. More than two little girls who only wanna play Roblox need. So for all you nerds who want to know here’s what we got. Motherboard gig goodbye. Orris X five 70 elite also Microstar international MPG, X five 70 gaming edge, blah blah, wifi CPU AMD rise in 5 30, 600. It’s the brain. It’s your computer’s brain.
Ram way too much. 32 gigs. GKI tri it. 3,200 megahertz hard drive, one terabyte, M Vme SSD and a two terabyte HDD, a 750 wat power supply. And finally the case which we had to customize was spraying. But there’s one thing we’re missing. One thing we cannot get right now, I can’t find anywhere. Micro center, Amazon, new egg, nowhere, a GPU. I cannot find a, a graphics car at this point. I honestly just wanted to give up. So y’all, we’re pretty bummed about that, right? I was already so tired from trying to get these kids to be excited about building a PC. I couldn’t find all the parts. I, I just couldn’t do it anymore. But one look at those sad little faces, those sad little faces who wanted to play Roblox and learn hacking and Lennox and Python. I knew I needed to persist. I had to find a GPU and finish this build. So I resorted to crime. This is where Walmart comes in. What? Yeah, I know. It sounds weird. While Walmart doesn’t sell GPU, they do sell pre-built computers. Now we got one of these
Pre-built gaming computers that have GPU’s inside. So we snuck into Walmart and stuff. Really grabbed H GPU from these prebuilt computers. No, I’m just kidding. We bought the entire computer. Two of them actually stealing as bad kids don’t steal. We bought two entire gaming computers just for the GPU inside. And honestly they weren’t that great, but they were all we could find. They were a couple of Invidia. GForce GTX 16, 60 supers, which are okay, but nothing to like get excited about. I wanted more from my daughters, but at till I could give them. Now you might ask why not just use the prebuilt gaming machine and return all the parts to Microcenter. And I would say, well, stop asking dumb questions. So now we have all of our parts now time to build it. But the only problem is that these kids have no idea how to build a computer or even what most of these parts are for. So I had to teach them. It was a grueling process. Took over three days, a ton of snack breaks, a ton of frustration, a little bit of yelling, not too much Millie get upstairs and watch the TV. Millie dad gum it.
Oh, that was cute.
I almost died. Now the first thing you wanted do when you build a computer is stage the build. Meaning you build the computer outside of its case to make sure all the parts actually work. Now, one of the first headaches I ran into with my kids was that they kept touching their clothes and getting alls staticy and then touching the parts, which static can kill electronics. So please, if you plan to build a computer with your kids or build a computer at all, um, make sure you get an antistatic or a ES D wrist track that’s properly grounded. And then I’ll protect you from killing your stuff. Now, first we’ll start with our motherboard. What is that? What’s the motherboard
A motherboard is it’s the mother of everything. No. A motherboard is one of those things that hold all, all the like Ram, uh, CPU, the brain
That’s right. Very good. She’s right. It’s the mother of every thing. And Addie’s also right. It’s where we plug in all of our stuff. Now it’s time for the CPU or the essential processing units. The CPU is literally the brain of the computer. What? What’s the stand for
The brain of the computer and it’s central processing units.
They got it. You
Copied me. No, I didn’t. I already knew the big fat flat face.
That’s not very nice. And just like humans, the more powerful your brain is, the more powerful your computer will be. So make sure you get a good one. You don’t want a dump computer where you put your brain is very important and how you put it in. There is very important. Now installing the CPU can be a bit scary, a bit dangerous because if you install it wrong, you could ruin your CPU. One of the most expensive parts of your computer, dial it. So be careful as you take it out. Don’t touch the bottom where all the little circuits are. Don’t touch that. And then on your motherboard, you’ll see the socket where the CPU needs to go and laid out. There will be a little lever, a little arm that you’ll need to release to open it up. So go ahead and open that and get ready to place your CPU and it’s socket. But hold up, hold up. This is important. Match up the arrow on the CPU at the very corner with the arrow in the socket. This will tell you that you’re installing it in the right direction. Now don’t force it just gently place it. Then you, the arm on the CPU socket to lock it into place and then celebrate. Yes.
Yes, you did it.
Yeah. Ram or random access memory.
Can you spit on it?
Can you spit on it? What do you think?
No, you can’t spit on it. Ram is like your computer’s short term memory and yeah, your computer is more like you than you think it can forget stuff if it wants to. And it’s really fast storage stuff you’re working on right this second. When you open up a browser like Google Chrome,
1000 tab
Or Photoshop or slack or discord, any kind of video game it’s loaded into Ram. So the CPU and GPU can access it faster and make your computer go bur. Now the more Ram you have, the more stuff you can do at one time, two
Parabytes of Ram,
Like right now, as I’m recording this voice over, I got a ton of stuff going on between browsers and video editing software. I’m using almost 20 gigs of Ram, but I’m okay because I have a ridiculous amount of Ram 64 gigs. And that’s why I bought my daughter’s 32 gigs of Ram. You don’t wanna stamp on Ram. So let’s install these suckers. They come in sticks called dims and you’ll install these sticks into slots on your motherboard. That look kind of like this. Now the order you install them is kind of important. And you’ll want to refer to your motherboard manual to see how you should do it. If you do it right, it’ll go faster. If you do it wrong, not a big deal. Also pay attention to the notch on your Ram stick and make sure that little notch lines up with the notch on the slot before you start brute, forcing the install on break everything and then pop those hinges. And you’re good to go. Now, its time for storage, our hard drives. We, we put our stuff, our pictures, our videos,
Our main piece of storage is N DME flash. It’s an SD that will go into the N two slot on our motherboard. Now these things are crazy, super small and wicked fast, but they’re kind of expensive. It’s not where we’ll store our big bulky files. It’s where we’ll install our operating system and put our important applications like video game stinky. So we’ll find that M two slot on another board and install them. It look something like this. Now the girls had a bit of trouble screwing in. So I, I gave them a bit of help, but they did a pretty good job now for our GPU, the biggest headache in this bill, I mean only finding them was the headache. Now we have them in this installing a GPU is really easy. Wow. I take that back. We first have to steal the GPU from the gaming machines we bought. And once we’ve liberated them from their slower prison shell, huh, prison shell, we can place them into one of the P C slots on our motherboard. Now, at this point I kind of lost my daughters. They were exhausted. They were hungry.
I’m very hungry, hungry,
But seriously, they worked on it for a while and I was super proud of them. And I totally understand them needing a break. Now I know what you’re thinking. Hey, they missed the vital part. They didn’t install the CPU cooler. Don’t worry. They’ll get a chance to demonstrate their skills during the competition. So stay tuned for that. And finally will plug all of our stuff into our PSU, our power supply unit. It’s the thing that makes sure all the parts of your computer get all the power they need. And this thing looks crazy. It’s got a lot of cords and you’re kind of gonna plug the suck into everything. So this is what’s gonna
Power your computer. We’re gonna plug that part into the wall.
I smell smoke. You don’t smell nothing. You’re just being crazy. Thank you daddy, for calling me crazy. I was waiting for you to
Say that. Now at this point, we have a small victory. We’ve successfully put all the parts together and fingers crossed. If we turn that computer on, it should work. And the goal here is to see our computer post or basically get to the bio screen, kind of the getting started screen. And if it does that, that means we were successful. But I was so scared. I was hoping nothing went wrong. Cause we’d gone through blood, sweat and tears so far putting all this together. And the girls were pretty much done. Like at this didn’t work, this whole project was just a bust. So we plugged in our power supply, turned on the power switch
Time and then got super bummed and sad until we realized that you have to actually turn it on. But there was no power button. So we had to consult our motherboard manual. And we figured out that if you put a screwdriver between two little jumpers on the motherboard, it would act like a power switch and turn the computer on. And when we did did that, yes, victory. Thankfully we posted on the first try. It was glass.
All your parts are actually working. You excited? Yeah. Yeah. Say I just posted, I just look at the camera. Look at the camera.
I just
Smile. Look at, look at the camera. Smile. Look at the camera and smile. Look at the, look at the camera and smile. My camera, my camera right here on my phone. Smile.
I just posted.
But our celebration was short-lived when I told them we had to disassemble the entire build and build it again. Inside the case,
When it last we finished, the build is done. The computers look amazing with their custom spray paint and job. Now, no joke. This took about three days and we built this in January, 2021. That’s how long it took me to make this video and get over that, that trauma, even now I’m like, that was hard. But anyways, we finished the build. They went and took a nap and I didn’t wanna bother them anymore. So I went ahead and installed windows, their operating system on it for them. And when they woke up from their nap, they were finally able to play Roblox on their new gaming machines. It was all they could dream up. It was amazing. Their first gaming machines and opened up a whole new world for them. And yeah, I’m exhausted. I I’m not doing this again, but I do have three other daughters. So I’m, I’m probably gonna do it again. Three more times. Now fun’s over time to put their skills to the test. It is time for the computer building competition. Here are the rules. They must assemble the parts of a computer to perfection. Placing the CPU, applying thermal paste, installing these C pew fan and sling the ran the hard drive, the GPU and whoever can do it. The fastest will win 10,000 robots. The stakes are high. Let’s begin.
I’m pushing it down because they don’t have the strength to do it.
Did wait. Daddy’s the time stolen? Yes.
Check your work. I don’t know how to double check it. You never taught me that yet. Did all your components?
Got that? Yeah. You sure? Um,
Time. All
Right. I think Plus’s gonna take longer.
You think so? Yeah. You talking smack already girl. All right, let cut. This is good. I saw you got the arrow, right? So the arrows good CPU powers. Snug motherboard powers. Good CPU powers. Good motherboard power. Ooh, not clicked all the way in. Uhoh
Missed one too late. So that’s, I’m gonna deduct five sec or add five seconds to that actually. No, you know what? Hold on. No, it was good. It was good. It was good. It was good. Hey, it’s only five seconds. Not a big deal. It’s only five seconds. Ram is good. Perfect score. I went home. Let make sure that’s good. I max daddy. Perfect. Daddy right here. Yeah. Hey everyone. Give her around applause comment. Hey, you did great. All right. First, I wanna say that both of you did a tremendous job. Just amazing. I’m so impressed with you guys. So in second place and the winner a 5,000, so you’ll still win 5002nd place is Addie with the time
Of seven minutes and 12 seconds
Yet you did great, hon. I did. Oh, I feel bad.
And of course your time was five minutes, 15 seconds. Good job, honey. You
One. How do you feel? Okay, let’s go buy the robots. Okay. They, they don’t
Wanna wait. This process was tiring and frustrating and at times infuriating, but I would do it again. I’m I’m going to do it again for my next three daughters, because I think anyone who wants to get started in it needs to build it. Computer. You learn so much from the process. It’s crazy. And it’s also kind of stink and fun. And by the end of it, you have a, you have a gaming machine and also, Hey, if you got kids, build them with your kids. Yeah. It’s gonna be frustrating and hard, but it’s rewarding. And my kids now have a gaming machine that they do school on and they, they learn hacking and Linux and Python. And they also know how a PC runs all the, that are involved and how to assemble them. Totally worth it. So anyways, let me know what you thought of the video and the comments below.
Should I do more stuff like this? It might take some years off my life, but you know, it’s worth it for the views. And also, Hey, I want to hear about you doing the same thing with your kids or just you doing it yourself. Comment below. I wanna hear those stories and also let’s make sure you hack YouTube today. Like comment, subscribe, hit that notification bill. We have to hack YouTube today. Ethically of course. Yeah. Also again, a massive shout out to the sponsor of this video, Oracle and their pie day 2022. If you haven’t signed up, then when hurry up and do it right now. If it’s past March 14th, 2022, then you dang missed it, but they might have some replay. So go check it out. I wanna also, Hey, where are you going? If you wanna watch more of the stuff I do. YouTube thinks you’ll like this video right here. So you should listen to YouTube. Cause I, I think they know you better than, you know, you, that’s probably true.

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