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I'm a simple Network and Voice Engineer still trying to figure things out. Certifications have been the key to my success and I'm hoping this site helps others along this same path.

What is a VMware Engineer? | VMware Certified Professional – VCP | MCSA | CCNA

VMware is EVERYWHERE! And it just happens to be one of the most valuable skills and career paths. In this interview with my Dad, Chuck Keith, we talk about what VMware is, why it's such a killer career and how you can get started. My Dad has been [...]

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No Future for Network Engineers? – CCNA | CCNP

Does the Network Engineering field have a future? Is it even worth it now to become a network engineer? I answer these questions and MORE!! 🎄🎄NetworkChuck 10 Days of Christmas🎄🎄 DAY 9 GIVEAWAY: Subscription to 🔥🔥ENTER TO WIN: 🔥🔥 Checkout David Bombal ➡️➡️ 💣💣DROP a [...]

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Become a Network Engineer | CCNA | Information Technology

Being a Network Engineer isn't always awesome...sometimes it SUCKS...just ask my wife, Abbey! If you're working on your CCNA, keep going...but understand it isn't all roses. BUT IT'S STILL TOTALLY WORTH IT! 🎄🎄NetworkChuck 10 Days of Christmas🎄🎄 DAY 8 GIVEAWAY: Boson NetSim 12 for CCNA 🔥🔥ENTER TO WIN: [...]

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CompTIA or Cisco? – Revisiting CCENT vs Network+ in 2019 | CCNA | MTA | MCSA

The CompTIA Network+ and the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) are both GREAT certs...but which one is better? Which one is more valuable for your career? Also, is it even worth it to get a vendor-neutral IT certification? 🎄🎄NetworkChuck 10 Days of Christmas🎄🎄 DAY 67 GIVEAWAY: AlphaPrep's [...]

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Planning for 2019 – Information Technology Goals – CCNA | AWS | MCSA

2019 is YOUR year! How can you own this year and reach all of your IT Certification goals? Are you trying to get your CCENT, CCNA, MCSA, CompTIA A+? Beyond that, do you know what you want to do? How can we make this your BEST YEAR EVER? [...]

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Fighting IMPOSTER SYNDROME in Information Technology – Network Engineer | System Engineer | CCNA

Imposter Syndrome SUCKS!! I deal with this on almost a weekly basis as a Network Engineer and trainer for CBT Nuggets....and guess what.....most people in IT deal with imposter syndrome! In this video, I interview my dad and brother, both in IT, and we talk about some methods [...]

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Using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Python to Monitor Cisco Router – #DEVNET CCNA

I went a little CRAZY getting this to work...but I did it...using Python, Arduino, Raspberry Pi....I was able to monitor some router statistics on the Cisco CSR 1000v using a REST API!!! It was so much fun!!! 🎄🎄NetworkChuck 10 Days of Christmas🎄🎄 DAY 4 GIVEAWAY: Elegoo Arduino Starter [...]

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Should I start Learning AWS?? – NetworkChuck AMA – Ask Me Anything

Should I start learning some AWS....Amazon Web Services? Also, ASK ME ANYTHING!! 🎄🎄NetworkChuck 10 Days of Christmas🎄🎄 DAY 3 GIVEAWAY: Chris Bryant CCNA Course - 🔥🔥ENTER TO WIN: 🔥🔥 Checkout Chris Bryant's CCNA Course ➡➡ 💣💣DROP a BOMBal 💣💣 Today's Course: Python for Network Engineers [...]

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The ONE Skill You NEED in IT – Information Technology

ANYONE can be in IT (Information Technology). But...there is ONE SKILL that will set you apart from the rest. It's a skill many of you possess already....CUSTOMER SERVICE....dealing with people! GET STARTED in IT: 🎄🎄NetworkChuck 10 Days of Christmas🎄🎄 DAY 2 GIVEAWAY: Boson NetSim 12 for the [...]

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How To get a JOB with a CCNA (Network Engineer) | CCNA Routing and Switching

Can you get a job as a Network Engineer or Network Admin with just a CCNA certification? YES!! My little brother, Cameron, with only a year of helpdesk experience, a CompTIA A+ cert and a CCNA certification landed a Network Admin job making $60K-$70K a year!! 🎄🎄NetworkChuck 10 [...]

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