Should I use a Brain Dump for my CCNA, CCNP, MCSA Exam?


Brain Dumps are mystical tools akin to a genie in a lamp; Simply rub the lamp, make a wish for the certification of your choice, and voila!! CERTIFIED!! Don’t let people tell you that earning an IT certification has to be hard! It can be as easy as memorizing a couple hundred questions and regurgitating them all over your local testing center. Forget the countless hours of studying and labbing that is a gauntlet for most engineers.  Only fools attempt to truly hone their skills as an engineer by painstakingly mastering complex concepts. Idiots.

Or maybe, brain dumps aren’t such a good idea? Maybe, just maybe, they devalue the very certification you are hoping will boost your career? For IT professionals, certifications are a widely accepted means of setting yourself apart and proving that you are a knowledgeable, driven individual. This is one of the main reasons I love IT!!!! Anyone with the appropriate amount of drive and dedication can choose a skill, master it and then proceed to prove this to employers!! I’ll say it again, certifications are why I love working in this industry!! So, maybe, just maybe, brain dumps are not a good idea.

Beyond the plain, simple logic that brain dumps completely devalue the CCNA or the MCSA, ethics is a huge factor in deciding on the use of brain dumps. No one likes to throw around the “C” word when offering up links to the latest dumps. But you really can’t hide from the fact that it is what it is……CHEATING! Some people will assuage their guilty conscience by convincing themselves that they did study the material thoroughly but only used a brain dump to make sure they were “extra” prepared. Sure, you may have studied every concept and you may know the material as good as any test taker but it will never remove the fact that you cheated the moment you took a peak at those precious test answers. My advice? If you believe that you are worthy of the certification, then be worthy of it by not cheating the very system on which it is based! If you know the material, you will most likely pass.

CCNA Brain Dump

          Continuing on the subject of ethics, Cisco and Microsoft have a few things to say on the subject. For example, they threaten the removal of your certifications if caught. Yeah, that’s right. That CCNP that lends you so much credit can be ripped from your resume if Cisco finds out that you lied your way into their certified elite. Even more, they will also crush all of your future certification dreams. Written right into the policy you accept every time you take a test, Microsoft and Cisco will invoke a lifetime ban on anyone who participates in the devious practice of brain dumps.

          So, to answer the question, no, you should not use brain dumps on your next CCNA/CCNP/MCSA…etc exam. Yes, it is tempting because it almost guarantees a passing score on something that is A. costing you money and B. something that could mean a sizable pay raise. But the biggest reason I have for not using these brain dumps is that it makes the certification less valuable to me because I know I didn’t earn it honorably. When I pass my CCNP, I will pass it knowing that I did not earn it with a few memorized answers but that I mastered the concepts to the best of my ability and met the high standard that Cisco sets.

          Now I do need to say this. If you have used brain dumps in the past or are using them right now to pass a test, don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes it seems like every guy I talk to uses them and that I’m the weird one. But you may not have considered all the pros and cons of using brain dumps until now. So here is my advice: Wipe the slate clean and start anew with a passion for excellence worthy of the certifications we strive for.