Evernote for Network Admins

Attention all Network Admins!!!…….ditch your notepad, your wordpad and Microsoft Word!!! And yes, please stop putting commands in your sticky-note gadget! There is something better out there and it might just change you life.



What is Evernote?

Evernote is an extension of your brain. It puts every other note-editing, document management program to shame. And, you know what? It’s FREE!! At it’s core it is a place to store all your notes. You create a notebook and you store notes in these notebooks. It sounds simple. But for me, it’s what you can put in these notes that makes this program so powerful. So, what can you put in these notes?? Everything!!! .exe, .doc. .pdf, .html, .jpg, .txt…….there is no end to what you can store in these notes! Pictures, programs, emails, manuals……everything can go in a note in Evernote.  An item of note, there is an upload limit. With the free version, you can upload up to 60MB/month. It doesn’t sound like much but you have to think about what you are using it for. It’s not a place to store .iso files or pirated movies. It’s for info that you need access to at a moment’s notice. Keep in mind, you are limited to 60MB/month, but have unlimited storage. Now, I decided to go premium myself, mainly to support the program. Premium gives you 1GB/month on upload and a few other features that are pretty nice…see Evernote Premium. It’s only $45/year. But, I must mention, I never get over 60MB/Month. So, for me, I’m just supporting the cause.



…..more about Evernote

Another truly awesome and possibly the most compelling feature is the mobility of Evernote. IT FOLLOWS YOU EVERYWHERE!! Evernote for IOS, Android, Mac, PC……and WEB! Evernote syncs to the cloud and to all your devices. For me, I have my laptop, my iphone, my Macbook, my server and my ipad….all with Evernote. No matter what device I use I have everything I need. All my files in a coherent, organized, consistent manner. And being a network admin, redundancy is always on my brain. “If it doesn’t exist in three places, it doesn’t exist.” Evernote is the ultimate app for the redundancy of your data.



So, why Network Admins?


I have only scratched the surface. Evernote is a truly compelling program that I have been using as my go-to for everything for years. But why should network admins use this? Think about it. All you need is one place to store all your router/switch configs. You can paste the text right in or store it as a .txt file. One central location for IP addresses, branch locations, config changes. Shoot, you can even store PuTTY in Evernote!



I know there is always Cisco TAC, but we admins like to think there are rarely issues we need to submit TAC cases for. That’s why we have Google, right? So, for all those forum articles, hotfixes, bugs and knowledge base articles…..put them in Evernote. Chrome, IE, Firefox….almost every browser has an Evernote plugin that perfectly places any article right into Evernote. If you run into the same issue again, jump into Evernote, keyword search, and voila! Your own knowledgebase. Did I mention that when you search Google in Chrome, it also searches your Evernote database? It’s almost like they designed this app for admins.


What are you waiting for?


Download Evernote right now –> Be Awesome – EVERNOTE! This program is free and is most certainly worth your time.