I Failed the CCNP Route 300-101

I Failed the CCNP Route 300-101 Test

Yes, I’m admitting that I failed the Route test. And it sucks. I hate this feeling. I knew the concepts and I labbed like a madman but I still somehow failed!!! I used the Official Certification Guide from Cisco (by Kevin Wallace), the Networking Academy Lab guide and CBT Nuggets. Yet, there were still topics that I was not familiar with.

Why Did I Fail?

I don’t think the reason is that I didn’t properly study the material I had. I just think I trusted in the material too much. The disclaimer on all Cisco training material is that there is a possibility that there might be something on the test it won’t prepare you for. It is the job of the test-taker to make sure the topics the tests covered are thoroughly researched and learned.

What Am I Going To Do?

I will admit that I was struggling after this failed attempt. It sucks to put so much effort and time into mastering certain topics and then to be tested on topics you weren’t expecting. But after a day of chewing on it and contemplating giving up…..I’m going to dive right back in and not take the defeat lightly.

  1. I am going to reschedule my test next week. Yep, that’s right, a week. The test is fresh in my mind and I have a good idea of where I’m lacking.
  2. I wrote down the topics that I struggled with and I’m going to hit those hard.
  3. I’m going to stay positive and keep my career goals in mind.

Certification exams are supposed to be hard and I have to remember that. This failure will only make me better.