forcing my wife to learn Linux in 24hrs

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In this video NetworkChuck’s wife Abbey tries to go from a complete Linux noob to a Linux+ certified pro in 24 hours. Do you think she can do it?!

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
1:17 ⏩ CHALLENGE 2(List files)
1:26 ⏩ CHALLENGE 3(Create a new folder)
1:32 ⏩ CHALLENGE 4(Change password)
1:41 ⏩ CHALLENGE 5(Quiz)
2:13 ⏩ What does she need to study??
2:29 ⏩ What is Linode?
3:01 ⏩ Spinning up a test machine for Abbey
3:38 ⏩ What courses will Abbey use?
4:04 ⏩ Spiffy pre-study coffee montage
4:40 ⏩ Why am I making her do this?
6:05 ⏩ Abbey checkpoint
6:34 ⏩ NetworkChuck Study tips
7:30 ⏩ Abbey teaches us about Linux?
9:12 ⏩ EXAM TIME
9:47 ⏩ How did she do???
10:05 ⏩ How was it? Did you have fun??
10:24 ⏩ Outro

Hey, how’s it going? I’m Abby I’m Chuck’s wife. I’m gonna become a Lennox expert in 24 hours. And to prove it to you, I’m gonna try to pass the exam.
What are you doing? Get my chair.
I was just telling them how I’m gonna get my Lennox. Plus in 24 hours,
20, 24 hours. Are you sure? Wait, all do even know anything about Lennox?
Yeah. It’s not that hard. It’s that’s the thing with the ping one.
You’re not wrong, but there there’s a, a little bit more to it and not to mention the Lennox plus is like super hard. I barely even BA it,
Babe. I got this.
Okay. But it’s no, it’s gonna take some time though. Like, it takes a lot of time to study this. Did you see 24 hours? Yeah,
But you’re gonna have to take care of the kids and do the dishes while I study, you’re gonna have to change the poopy diapers and clean the, and hold laundry. Pretty much be amazing.
I’m not gonna stop you. I’m not gonna stop anyone from learning Lennox, but let’s see where you’re at. Let’s do a quick quiz just to see if you have any knowledge of Lennox and we’ll kind of like, know where you gotta start. Sound good? Yes, No, no. You’re already run. Go back, go back. I go back. I’ll give you a hint. SSH.
Oh, wait, do it.
Yes. Sort of log in. Nope.
What you me to do?
No, no, just your password. It’s uh, so you logged in, not quite the way I wanted you to. You’re supposed to use SSH, but you still got it. What do you mean task two. I want you to list the files in your current directory
List. What files?
Oh, you’re so, so close.
Wait, what? Real?
Fail. Create a new folder in your current working directory. Fail. Okay. Change your password for your root user. So she gave up now your fit task is gonna be brutal, but you’re gonna take a all little quiz from it. Pro TVs, practice exam. I can never say that, uh, for the Lennox plus. So let’s um, let’s see what you got.
I thought that was a cuss word. Hey, I got I three, right?
You know, honestly, I’m a little impressed that you got those three, right? I sure if you got lucky or not.
No, I remember some ping and stuff.
Some ping and stuff.
Okay. I need your help. What tools do I need?
Okay. You’re in luck. I do have the tools you need. First thing you’re gonna need is just access to Linux. Just get familiar with it. Start playing with it. Let show you what we’ve got here. Let’s get over.
Okay. First, one of the coolest, best and quickest ways to access Lenox is through Lin node. So let’s go out to Lin What’s one node. Great question. Let’s talk about that. Len node is a cloud provider where you can just spin up a Lenux computer in the cloud and use it for whatever you need. It’s a Lenux server,
But for real, what is it?
Um, it’s it’s like a, okay. It’s like your computer. I could put Lenux on that, but instead I put it on someone else’s server in the cloud and it’s a Wiki fast cuz they have SDS. They’ve got MBME block storage, no balancers firewalls. You can even do Kubernetes. And don’t even ask me about that. I’m not gonna tell you about that right now. It’s too much. So anyways, let’s real quick, spin you up a node so you can start practicing your Lenux skills. I’ll go to create a node and we’ve got quite a few options for Lennox, but for you Abby, to get ready for Linnux plus you’re going to need CTOs or CTO west seven, the open source version of red hat. You’ll learn about that in here in a bit. It only cost you about five bucks a month. Now, if you did have a new account, you would get this for free 60 days. You’d have a hundred dollars credit. If you use my code network check or go out to, check
I’ll name, this Abby’s lab, give you a password. And then I’ll just click on, create, create a Linux computer for you in the cloud that you can mess up and break and have fun with. Okay? So now that you have access to Linux, you actually have to learn how to use it. So we’re gonna start you off with some network. Chuck screening my for hacker’s course. Now, before you say it, I know it’s not finished yet, so she’s gonna need something else beyond that. So once you finish up episode eight, you’re gonna jump into it pro TV and pick up their Lennox. Plus course, this, this course is 22 hours. 40 episodes got two hours
Spare. What am I gonna do in the time?
Our hun, you got the tools you got the time. Good luck, babe. I’ll uh, see you later,
But first let’s go make some coffee.
Don’t put that in their neck.
No I’m feeling low, not low. I ain’t got much to show, never slow, not too much show until the spring S me from my winter house. I gots and I daddy me creep into the Hey baby. Can you tell I’m not a criminal?
So this is a little weird, right? Not one of my normal videos and why in the world am I forcing my wife to learn Lennox and in 24 hours, which by the way is totally impossible. And also I feel kind of bad because it’s something she doesn’t really care about. So why am I making her do this? Well, first, everyone needs to learn Lennox right now. Period on that’s it. I mean, do you need another reason for that? Okay. Maybe not everyone, but Hey, if you’re watching this video, you probably need to learn it. There was a reason you clicked on this video. It had Lennox in the title. So you should probably be learning Lennox right now. And that’s really what I want to advertise in this video. Cause like, if you wanna get into it, which is by the way, the best career decision you’ll ever make, it is so fun and you you’ll make some pretty good money.
At least that was a story for me. And so many people I know. And right now, having Lennox as a skill in the it world makes you pretty stink and valuable. Most of the world runs on Lennox. And a lot of the it jobs out there want you to know it. I want you to learn Lennox so bad that I’m forcing my wife who hates all this stuff to learn it in 24 hour. So if you get anything from this video, get this learn Lenox. Don’t let my wife sacrifice go to waste. Cuz she really hates this. And she legit is gonna take the Lenox plus exam, which is pretty hard. I took it last year or the year before. And it’s, I mean it kicked my butt. I passed it, but there’s no way she’s gonna pass, but anyways, we’ll see how she does. And um, let’s go check on her. She’s been studying for a bit. I think we’re an hour four. Now let’s go check on her right now. Let’s see
How she’s doing. Is she asleep? Hey babe. Hey. Oh, are you okay? Yeah. This is so fun. Why you don’t like it? No.
Do I have to do for the views hon for the views? You know, let me, let me help you a few things. Let me show you a few study tips. I think I can help you actually do this better. Just let me show you that and then you can quit if you want to, after that. Right. All right.
Okay. Abby, here are some of my best study tips. First as you’re watching these videos, make sure you take lots of notes. And as you’re taking these notes, think about this. Think about each of those notes, becoming a flashcard. Why? Well, because you’re gonna turn each of those notes into a flashcard and you’ll then study those flashcards using these spaced repetition method. And speaking of methods do not burn yourself out when you’re studying, make sure you are using the Pomodora method. So maybe you study for 30 minutes, then stop, take a break and then get right back to it. And without a doubt, the most important thing lab, everything you learn, if you can lab it, if you can try it, practice it, do it. And finally, my last piece of advice study as much as you can, whenever you can find those little moments of time, even when things are crazy around you and get some study. Oh, and I almost forgot, this is the best way to learn anything. As soon as you learn this thing and you learn it well, turn around and teach it. So Addie, go ahead and teach us something right now.
I’m gonna teach you how to add a user in Linux specifically sent to us first. You’re gonna log into your terminal. I’m already logged in to add a new user in Linux. We’re going to use the ad user command. We’re gonna do pseudo a user. And then someone’s name first. It’s gonna ask you for your pseudo password. Can I paste it? Yeah, that’s fine. Just paste. How do, how do you paste password?
Just right. Click it. Okay. I should be hit enter. You did it twice now. So now there’s two passwords in there.
I put in the wrong password. I’m try again.
She can’t copy and face very well.
And I’m in. So it to verify that we added the user, we’re going to cat this file. The list of users will be in the ATC directory in the password file. Oh, look at that. So many words Millis at the bottom. Oh, you can’t see me. Yes
They can. It’s there. They can see what talking about.
Oh, I meant they can’t see my end towards pointing. Now we need to set a password for the user. So we’re going to type into the terminal, pseudo password Millie, if I can type, but it’s just it’s password And we’re in. We’re in now we just need a password. It didn’t tell me it was doing two times. Yeah. Oh man. Okay. One more time. And we’re in. We’re
Not in you. You said a password.
We set her password. Now I’m going to become user Millie by typing in SU Millie, which is what
Switch user,
Which means switch user. But she’s not there.
What is she there? Oh, because you, you, you uh,
Created her user with a capital M
Oh oh. So SU capital milli. Make sure you don’t miss that. I had to put in Millie’s password too. Abby
Did a great job. Didn’t she do a good job. Wasn’t that? Great. You taught something. Let me know if you learn something from Abby. If you wanna see her teach more things on the channel.
Okay? Exam time. You ready? Mm. But she studied pretty hard. All right. Well you gotta check in. I’ll let you do this. Have fun. Okay. Bye. I’ll come check on you. When you’re done. You owe me.
Okay. She just
Texted me. She should be done. Let’s go check on her. Hey hon. How was it
So easy?
Did you like it?
It was so
Fun. Stop me sarcastic. Now everyone’s gonna get your sarcasm. Did you like it or not? It was okay. You, you love Lennox now.
I don’t love it,
But I like it. So how do you do
I failed?
Hold on. It’s your score? Go to 4 0 4. Did you actually get a score? 4 0 4.
Why? What does that mean?
You know what? That means? Four or four are not found. So like Lennox not found in your brain.
Okay. Hon honest opinion. How was studying for Lennox? Did you enjoy it?
Was okay. Be honest. To be honest,
It was okay. But it’s not my thing. Yeah.
I, I would probably guess that you’ve never,
I got a really good score.
So are you gonna try and uh, pass the exam? You gonna try it again? No. Well, even though you aren’t gonna try it again. I think you did a great job teaching and I really, I I’m really thankful that you did this video with me and I’m proud of you and thank you.
It’s getting weird.
And seriously, if you wanna see her attempt more certifications or more technologies, let me know actually, you know, if they, if they told you to, would you do it
Hundred percent? So this video gets 50,000 likes. She will attempt to actually pass Lennox plus exam, which means she’s gonna have to really dig deep and maybe study for more than 24 hours and actually learn it. Which again, she kind of hates it a little bit. I, I can tell like, she’s, she’s not really. You don’t like it. You don’t like it. I don’t like it. So 50,000 likes let’s get my wife to learn Lennox. Anyways guys, that’s all we have today. Thank you for watching my wife learn Lennox in 24 hours. She hated it.
So by the way, have you hacked YouTube today?
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Ethically of course
You did so good expecting that.

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