how hackers hide “stuff” in photos

Video Notes:

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In this video, NetworkChuck will teach you how to hide secret messages and files inside photos. Steganography, a technique that is centuries old and is now adopted to new technologies and especially HACKERS!! Hackers have been known to hide malicious files inside files like photos or audio files and later extract these files on a victim’s computer to wreak havoc. But, steganography is also used for good! People will often use steganography to hide secret messages safely without detection by authorities. In this video, NetworkChuck will show you how to use Steghide, a very popular steganography tool available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

0:00 ⏩ Intro

0:11 ⏩ What is Steganography?

1:05 ⏩ Installing Steghide

1:41 ⏩ How Steghide works

2:04 ⏩ Use Steghide to hide secret files inside a photo

2:52 ⏩ Use Steghide to extract a secret file from a photo

3:19 ⏩ Can we hide malware inside a photo? (Undetected)

3:35 ⏩ How Steganography works (LSB and graph theory)

5:40 ⏩ Hiding malware inside a photo

8:04 ⏩ Can my daughters solve the challenge?

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