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What are we doing?

In a previous post I covered how to add a Hunt Group Logout button to a Cisco phone. This is a great solution when adding to a few phones but what if you need this to be the standard? You would need to setup a Phone Button Template that would automatically add the Hunt Group Logout button to every phone.

The Steps

1. Login to the Cisco Unified CM Administration page and navigate to Device>Device Settings>Phone Button Template.

2. Click Add New.

3. To create a Phone Button Template, you must choose an existing template to start with. (A phone button template, template……..) Each model of phone has its own Phone Button Template. Therefore, for each model of phone you would like to deploy the Hunt Group Logout button to, you will need a Phone Button Template. In my example I am working with a 7821.

4. With your phone model selected, click Copy.

5. The next page will ask you to name this copy of the template. Go with something unique and identifying.

6. This is where it gets stupid simple…..especially when you compare it to the configuration of the individual phone. Simply change one of your lines to a Hunt Group Logout button and click Save.

7. Now that the Phone Button Template is created all that’s left to do is change the Phone Button Template on your phone and Save the config.

8. So, we have created the Phone Button Template and added to our phone. Now, we need to change the default Phone Button Template for this phone model. Navigate to Device>Device Settings>Device Defaults.

9. Find your phone model and change the Phone Template to the one we just created. Click Save.

CONGRATS!! Not only did you create a Phone Button Template with a Hunt Group Logout Button, but it is now the default config for every phone of that model.

You’re awesome.

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