Add a Hunt Group Logout Button to a Cisco Phone

In a previous post I covered how to create a Hunt Group and the various options available. I mentioned there was an extremely nifty feature that allows the user to login and logout of the hunt group at their leisure. In this post I will be covering how to add this feature to a Cisco phone. (In a later post I will show you how to add this to a device template ——> HUNT GROUP TEMPLATE) I will be demonstrating this feature on CUCM version

1.) Once you are logged into Cisco Unified CM Administration, navigate to the user’s phone by going to Device>Phone in the menu.


2.) Once you have found your phone, jump into the phone’s configuration page and select “Modify Button Items” under the line settings.


3.) You will be prompted with a scary warning message that ANY UNSAVED CHANGES MAY BE LOST!!!!! No worries, if you haven’t made any changes that need to be saved, press “OK”. Otherwise, just to be safe, press “Cancel” and save your config before continuing.


4.) Another window will popup with a bunch of fun options for your phone’s line configuration.


5.) The first thing we need to do is remove one of the DN’s from the associated items. We are doing this because the actual Line Button on the phone will act as a button to login and logout of the queue. Therefore, we need to replace one of the Line DN’s with the Hunt Group Logout button. In my example, I select “Line [2] – Add a new DN” and use the direction arrows on the side to disassociate the button item.


6.) Now that we have freed up a line on the associated items side, we need to find the Hunt Group Logout button under the “Unassigned Associated Items” and move it over to the “Associated Items”. Once found, select “Hunt Group Logout” and use the directional button to move it over to the “Associated Items” side.


7.) You’ll notice now that the “Hunt Group Logout” button is at the bottom of the list. We need to move it up to the correct position, whether it be the first or second line depending on your preference. In my example, I will be moving it to the second position to replace the second line using the directional buttons on the side.


8.) Once we have our “Hunt Group Logout” button positioned correctly, we are ready to save. Click the “Save” button on the top left. Once saved, you are free to click close.

9.) Now that you are back at the phone configuration page, notice “Hunt Group Logout” now resides where “Line 2” once did. No need to click save again as the previous step already took care of that for you. But if you’re like me, you will click save anyway just because. And, of course, click “Apply Config” to see that bad boy added to your phone ASAP.


10.) Now, if we look at our phone, you can see that line 2 is no longer a DN but is now a “Hunt Group Logout” button. If you press the button, you will get a message that the phone has been logged out of the Hunt Group. (NOTE, this does log out the entire phone….which includes any extensions on the phone in case you were trying to have the user logout of only one Hunt Group) Pressing the line button again will log the user back in.



Now, how do we create a template for the phone so that we don’t have to go through this process for every phone? Glad you asked. In my next post, I will go over how to create a device template that will make the “Hunt Group Logout” button default. ——> HUNT GROUP TEMPLATE