i built a Raspberry Pi SUPER COMPUTER!! // ft. Kubernetes (k3s cluster w/ Rancher)

Video Notes:

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I built a Raspberry Pi SUPER COMPUTER using Kubernetes (k3s) and Rancher. This project was insanely fun and I want YOU to do it. Why? You will learn about clustering, Kubernetes, k3s and so much more. Basically, these are skills you can take with you into the enterprise.

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
2:38 ⏩ What do you need?
3:44 ⏩ What is a cluster? And WHY???
5:56 ⏩ What is Kubernetes?
6:16 ⏩ What is a container??
9:08 ⏩ K3s (what is that??)
11:53 ⏩ STEP 1: Raspberry Pi Headless Prep
19:07 ⏩ STEP 2: K3s prep
20:43 ⏩ STEP 3: K3s Install (master setup)
23:12 ⏩ STEP 4: K3s Install (node setup)
26:32 ⏩ STEP 5: Rancher Install (optional)
33:51 ⏩ STEP 6: Deploy your 1st APP in K3s!!!
39:31 ⏩ STEP 7: EXPOSE your app with a Node Port
44:35 ⏩ What about LOAD Balancing?!?!?!?! (Let’s visualize it)
50:59 ⏩ Kubernetes Ingresseseseses (DNS Load Balancing)
54:14 ⏩ Install Minecraft using a Helm Chart

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