i created my own cryptocurrency!!

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
3:17 ⏩ Why create your own cryptocurrency?
5:03 ⏩ Cryptocurrency VS token (common misconception)
8:34 ⏩ What do you need?
9:51 ⏩ STEP 1 – Setup your Linux machine
11:14 ⏩ STEP 2 – Create a Solana Wallet from the CLI
13:07 ⏩ STEP 3 – Purchase Solana and send to your wallet
14:50 ⏩ STEP 4 – Install some prereqs
16:32 ⏩ STEP 5 – Install Solana’s Token Program (cli tools)
17:18 ⏩ STEP 6 – Create your token!!!
20:44 ⏩ STEP 7 – Transfer your token to another wallet
25:30 ⏩ STEP 8 – Add your token to the Solana Registry
36:15 ⏩ Buy NetworkChuck Coin

Okay. I did it. I created my own crypto currency. Yeah. You heard me, right? It’s real. It’s legit. It’s called network Chuck coin. And it was insanely fun to make, like, I love this project. Ah, we just created a token and in this video, I’m gonna show you how to make your own crypto currency too. I mean, haven’t you always wanted your own crypto currency. Yeah. Duh. Right. So yeah, that’s what we’re doing in this video. And honestly, it’s not that hard now. Yes, it is intimidating. But I’m gonna walk you through every step. So get your coffee ready. We’re about to dive into some CLI limit GitHub. Goodness, it’s gonna be fun. Let’s do this now. Real quick. Disclaimer, none of this is financial vice. I’m showing you this because the tech is really cool and it’s worth learning, but by no means, am I telling you this so you can make money.
I am not telling you to buy network Chuck coin as an investment because it’s totally not an investment. Now, if you do wanna buy it for fun, you totally can’t. I’ll show you how to do that later in the video, but don’t buy it to make money, cuz you’ll probably lose it. I did this just for fun, not to make money. Oh, and by the way, I’m giving away or air dropping some network. Chuck coin, if you want some, but you gotta be quick. Check the links below. You got two options. If you are already or want to become a member of network, Chuck premium I’m air dropping 1000 network, Chuck coins to all of my members. And if you join my completely free membership, I’m air dropping 10 network Chuck coins, but you gotta be quick. Only the first 1000 people to access the, this course and gimme their Solan wallet.
We’ll get 10 free network Chuck coin. So hurry ya now real quick. Before we do anything, we’re gonna take a little coffee break because this video does kind of get intense, not too bad, but it it’s fun. And this coffee break in the entire video is sponsored by sneak. Now in case you didn’t know cryptocurrency blockchain, it’s all code. And even in this video, we will be dealing with code on, on GitHub. Now, you know, what’s scary about that. Code can be hacked. I mean, you know that, right? We talk about it here on the channel all the time. We do some hacking stuff and there are a ton of vulnerabilities out there, SQL injections, remote code executions, all kinds of stuff. And while they’re fun to hack ethically, of course they’re not fun to have inside your own code inside your own applications. That’s where a company like sneak comes in.
They’re kind of like Grammarly for your code, which is kind of cool. Sneak will auto magically scan your code dependencies containers, configs and we’ll find and fixed vulnerabilities in real time. Let me show you how easy it is. I got a link below sneak.com/network. Chuck, check it out here. I’m gonna have sneak check on Bernard hack, Wells code, super easy to sign up. I’m gonna click on, sign up with hub. And once I’ve connected, sneak to my GitHub, I can start the process. I’ll have it scan some of my repos here, important scan and dang with the moments. Look at this. It found a ton of stuff, but thankfully stuff that sneak can fix right away for either my Docker container or my code. All I have to do is click on fixed vulnerabilities. Just one little click. It will automatically open up a fixed pull request.
Tell me all the issues is gonna fix a lot. Look at all the stuff. And then all I have to do is click on open a fix PR. And if you’re wondering what a poll request is, we’re actually gonna do that here in this video later. So buckle your seatbelts and bam, just like that. Sneak has a fix for 69 vulnerabilities. And all I have to do is merge this poll request with my code. Now it does all this right from your existing tools, workflows, IDE CLI repost pipelines, Docker hub, everywhere. You can do it everywhere and it’s free. Like seriously, it’s free. So check the link below, sign up for free today and sneak your code for vulnerabilities. Anyways. Copy, break over. Let’s keep going now, before we jump into the, this madness, I wanna talk about why, like, why do this? You’re probably wondering that yourself.
Why create your own crypto currency? Well, first then this probably should be my only point. It’s fun and awesome. You can brag to your friends and coworkers that you have your own crypto currency. That’s just cool. They may not think you’re cool, but I think you’re cool. Okay. You’re among friends now, also along this journey, you’re gonna learn something. You’re gonna learn some stuff. That’s another big reason to do this. Learn stuff, cuz I love learning stuff. And then my third and final point, you can do cool stuff with it. For example, I’m doing something pretty cool with my daughters. Let me show you. I’ll be right back.
Okay. So I have this role of tickets I use with my girls. I have five daughters by the way, whenever they do good things like cleaning their chores or reading or studying coding and hacking, I’ll reward them with tickets and they can use these tickets to redeem fun stuff like an hour of Roblox or an hour of TV. And that was totally working fine. But then I thought, no, it’s not. I wanna do something more nerdy, more technical. I wanna teach them something at the same time. So cryptocurrency, that’s what I’m doing. I’m using crypto instead of giving them tickets instead of an allowance, you do your stuff. Yeah. Got some stuff done. okay. You want some cryptocurrency? Yes. You want some KES? Yes. All right. Open up your app. So legit when they do good stuff, I give them cryptocurrency when they wanna watch TV or play Roblox. Cause they give me crypto currency. They have their own wallets on their phone. It’s awesome. How much can they give to me? I’ll give you five geeks cuz you’re are cool. Oh there they are. You got your cakes sent you five cakes girl. So anyways, that’s my example. That’s what I’m doing with it. You can do a lot more. I got
14 cakes and I can play Roblox tonight.
but I hope this was a big enough. Why for you? Why to do this? And if you’re not convinced by now, well then get yourself another cup of coffee and rewatch that part. Come on. Why do you wanna do this? Now? We’re about to get started. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you what you need and how to do all that stuff. But first, first I gotta tell you about some misconceptions about what we’re actually doing here. Now, if you don’t care about that, then jump forward. I got timestamps, go, go do it hurry. But if you do, let’s talk about it. Talk about what, let me tell you the first big thing here is that we are not creating a cryptocurrency, which probably thinking, wait, what? I’ll explain, but we are creating a cryptocurrency token. What the junk is a token and how is it different from cryptocurrency?
Well, we’re all familiar with the main cryptocurrencies out there, right? Bitcoin, Ethereum Solana. And there are many others, but what makes them cryptocurrencies is they each have their own blockchain technology, which is how cryptocurrency works. If you wanna know more about that, I just made a video showing us how to mine, cryptocurrency on a respiratory pie. And I went into how the mining works and stuff. So go watch that. But anyways, they each have their own blockchain tokens will piggyback off an existing blockchain. For example, the popular mean coin sheep is based off of the Ethereum blockchain. Now the reason there’s so much confusion between cryptocurrencies and tokens is that they pretty much operate in the same way because you can buy and sell sheep just like you can buy and sell Ethereum. Now. Sure. If you pop the hood and go deeper in how it operates.
Yeah. It’s different tokens will use what’s called smart contracts, which will define how you send and receive that token. And also a ton of other things, which I’m not gonna go into. That’s a whole other video. But the takeaway here is that tokens and cryptocurrencies operate in a very similar way, especially for the purposes of our video, but we are not creating our own crypto currency, our own blockchain. That would take a ton of development. We’re just piggybacking off of an existing blockchain and creating a token off of that. So we’re creating a crypto currency token, but which block pain are we going to use? Now? The most popular one is Ethereum, mainly because they were the first one to come out with contracts and tokens. Now that would be a good choice, but transactions on Ethereum are slow and they’re expensive. Like really expensive.
You see, normally when you send somebody cryptocurrency or you buy something with cryptocurrency, there’s a fee for that transaction currently with Ethereum, the fee, which they call gas. All right, it’s astronomical. It’s crazy. Let me check the rates right now. Whoa. The average gas price for Ethereum is $128. Now that price does vary, but if you wanna send things with Ethereum and Ethereum tokens, it’s gonna cost you some money, some gas. So we will not be using slow and expensive. Ethereum, the blockchain we’re gonna be using for our tow is Solana who I love Solana. Solana’s fairly new, came out in 2019, but dude, it’s fast. So for example, Ethereum transactions can take anywhere between 15 seconds and five minutes. It’s normally five minutes. That’s been my experience Solana. Whoa. It’s like milliseconds. All I know is that when I send something with Solana, it just happens like that.
It’s amazing. And the best part is that the fees are nothing seriously. When you send something with Solana, the fees are less than a penny. Like seriously. Most of my transactions cost me 0.00108 USD. So basically nothing which is ideal because if I’m paying my daughter’s crypto currency, I don’t want the transaction to cost 150 bucks every time. So, so salon transactions are fast and they’re cheap need, I say more. So it’s a no brainer to go with Solana. Now of course there’s a lot more that goes into Solana. It’s amazing. For example, how does it go so fast? Why is it faster than Ethereum? Well, instead of proof of work, which is what Ethereum and Bitcoin and a lot of cryptocurrencies use Solana uses proof of history. This mind bending concept. It’s crazy. so I can’t go over that here in this video, but he uses proof of history.
Um, which depends on proof of steak. It’s a lot of stuff that will break your brain, but I’ll probably make a video about it here sometime soon, but anyways, okay. We’re about to get started. So now we know that we’re gonna be using the salon blockchain to create our cryptocurrency token. So yeah, now we’re ready to get started. So get your coffee and let’s do this, but first, you know, what do you need? What do you need to actually do this project? The first thing you’ll need is a Linux machine. I recommend something Debbie and based like Ubuntu because that’s all I’ve tested so far and this can be really anything. A Docker container. It can be a virtual machine. It can be a cloud machine, which I’ll show you how to set up one right now in Le node for free, you’ll get a hundred dollars free credit check the link below.
So we’ll get that Linux machine set up. And the, this is pretty important. You’ll need a way to buy salon or more specifically soul, which is the crypto currency of Solana. Now don’t stress out. You won’t need much. You just need about $5 worth. Now, why do we need this? Well, as I mentioned before, when you transact on a blockchain, there are fees involved. So when your, with salon and you’re making a token, they charge a fee. But as we mentioned before, fees and salon are almost nothing. So that $5 should be more than enough for you to min your new token and send all your tokens to all your friends and your kids for a very long time. So in reality, it could be less than $5, but I just say $5 because it’s a good round number. Now I will walk you through how to buy salon.
I normally use Coinbase, but you can at other exchanges, but anyways, you need Solana. And then finally, and this is the most important part. You’ll need coffee because everything in it, including crypto currency requires coffee network. Chuck, do coffee. Are you ready to create your own cryptocurrency? Yeah, dude, get you coffee. Let’s do this. Okay. Step one. Let’s set up our Linux machine. Now again, this can be really any Linux Debbie and based machine. If you already have one, go for it. If you don’t, I’m gonna set up mine through Len node right now, link below ode.com/network. Chuck you’ll get a hundred dollars credit to create one right now for free. Now I love Le node because you can create your virtual machine super fast and that’s really easy. So here at the very top left, we’ll just click on create. Once you have your account set up and then click on Len node first, we’ll choose our image.
I’m gonna go with the latest version of Ubuntu. So I’ll scroll all the way down here. There it is. Ubuntu 21, 10. Really any later version of UTU should work. Then I’ll select my region somewhere close to me, Dallas. And then I’ll scroll down to select my plan. I’ll go from dedicated to shared CPU because it’s cheaper and I’ll choose the node. One gig just five bucks a month. Can’t beat that. Scroll down, put in my label for this I’ll name it crypto machine. And then I’ll set the root password. This will be the password I’ll use to log in when it’s ready to go. And that’s it. I’ll click on create Le node and just a small little coffee break. Okay. Mine is ready. You’ll know yours is ready when it says running over here and now we’re going to access the CLI. So we see SSH access and we’re gonna click on this copy icon right here.
Copy that command and then launch your terminal program for windows. It’ll be CMD for Lenox or Mac terminal. And we’ll just paste that command hit enter. Yes, I’ll accept that signature, that fingerprint, and then type in your password. The one you just set in Lin nodes portal and we are in Lenox. Goodness, here we go. Now first step will be setting up a cryptocurrency wallet to hold our salon here on this machine, which is super cool. Anyway, here we go. So we’re creating a wallet right now. Now feel free to copy and paste all the commands I’m showing you here. I’ve got a link below to a guide where I’ll walk you through all of this. So anyways, our first command, we’re gonna copy and paste and paste it right here. This is salon’s install tool, which will install salon’s tools. So that’s all we need hit enter, and it’s gonna do its thing.
And while it’s doing its thing, I’m gonna do my thing and have a little bit of coffee. I’ve already had way too much. Okay? Solana tools are installed. Now what we’re gonna do real quick is exit out of our terminal. Just type in exit and then get logged back in. We had to do that because we had to make sure our path variables were updated in our shell. If you’re like, what the junk does that mean? We’ll check out my Linux for hacker’s course, where I teach you all about Linux. Anyways, let’s keep going. Now we’re gonna create our crypto currency wallet that will hold Solana. Let’s do this. The command will be Solana dash key gen space, new and hit enter. Here’s gonna prompt you for a past phrase to do once I’ll just hit enter. And that was it. And yeah, we just created a crypto currency wallet, just like that.
Your key pair is safe to this location in Linux. That’s where your private key lives. And then here is your public key. Your wallet address. If someone were to send you some salon, that’s where they send it to. And then what’s really important right here is your pneumonic phrase. If you ever need to recover your wallet, me and you lost access to this Lennox box or something, you’ll need this phrase to restore it. So write this down somewhere or just copy and paste it it’s best to write it down. But anyways, while it created, that was awesome. Now we gotta fill that wallet up with some money. So right now, if we type in do it with me real quick, Solana balance, zero soul we ain’t got nothing here. Let’s change that by at least putting in $5 so we can create our own token not to do that.
You will need to go to a crypto currency exchange and exchange some kind of currency for Solana, whether it’s USD, American dollars or Canadian or euros, find an exchange that can exchange money for crypto and specifically Solan. I’ll do that real quick. Actually, I’m gonna get logged into my coin account. And here in Coinbase, I’m just gonna click on buy, sell. I’m gonna change what I’m buying from Bitcoin to Solana. I’ll change that to $5 preview buy that’s how much soul I’m getting, because right now the price of soul is $212 per soul. And I’ll click on buy now. And because Solana is super fast, it’ll happen like that. I watch this seriously. Watch done. I got it. Now. We’re not done yet. Cuz right now my so salon, my soul is sitting here in my Coinbase wallet. I want that to get to my new wallet.
I just created in Lennox real easy to do that. So real quick here. Now this will look different depending on what exchange you have, but the fundamentals, the concept is the same. I’m gonna click on, send C here at the top, right? I’m gonna make sure my currency is not polka dot, but Solana. I’m gonna go back to my terminal here and grab my, uh, public key, which is, is my wallet address. And I’ll put that in the two fields here in Coinbase. That’s the wallet I’m sending to. I’m gonna say send all click send all. Oh, all I have is $4. Well it’s cuz Coinbase had their fees. Anyways. $4 should be enough. Anyways, I click on continue. Oh, minimum amount is 0.05. So, okay. So for Coinbase, their minimum amount to send, so is uh, $12 worth of soul. Again, other exchanges might be different.
I’ve gotta do that. That’s annoying. I’m gonna go ahead and buy $12. Cause I believe soul is gonna go up anyways again, not financial advice. Don’t even listen to me. I’m just a tech guy. Cool. So now I should have enough soul and I’m gonna send, receive. Now send all my soul to my wallet address, click on, continue, click on send now two sympathetic code. It’s gonna send me and boom. It should already be there actually. So if I open up my terminal here, I’m gonna do salon balance. Once more look at that. I got Solana in my wallet right now, here in Lennox, which is way cooler than having it in Coinbase. So I’ve got 0.06, blah blah, blah, soul. That should be more than enough if you have less than that, like 0.05 or 0.043, whatever. That should be enough. So now we have our wallet.
We have some soul in our wallet. Next steps. We’ve gotta do some steps to prep our Linux box here now first real quick. And we should have done this to begin with at the very beginning. Um, we’ll do a pseudo, a PT update to update our repositories should be very, very fast done. Cool. So we’re going to install something called rust. All you have to know about rust is that it’s a program and language that Solana uses to deploy tokens. So we’re gonna install that. It’ll be one simple command again, all that stuff below gonna copy and paste that and hit enter, and it’s gonna do its thing. Actually it’s it’s asking me stuff. I’ll type in one for the default installation. Cool. And as you might have guessed, we’re gonna have a little copy break. All right. Rust is stalled. Now just as before, we’re gonna exit out of our terminal by typing in exit and then logging back in.
So our path environment is refreshed in our new shell. Now here, I’m about to save you a ton of time. I hit this little snag here and it took me a bit, but now you have the advantage of my mistakes. So here we’re gonna install some tools that will save you some time. First we’re gonna do PSDO a PT install, lib U dev dash dev, go ahead and hit enter. And that will do its thing. We just have a few more commands for our prereqs and then we can actually step forward and make our token. But just, yeah, we’re almost there. Don’t worry. Let’s wait for it to be done. Okay. Mine is done. All right, one more command here or actually no, it’s not one more. I lied pseudo. We’re gonna install some more stuff. Pseudo a BT doll. This will be lib SSL dash dev and then also PKG dash config a again, commands below.
Gonna hit enter. Enter once more. I forgot to put, uh, tick Y or dash Y it’s. Okay. Okay. Just a few more prereqs here. Pseudo a PT install, build dash essential. We’ll do a dash Y at the end or a tick Y hit enter. We’re good with that. Now it’s time to install Solana’s token program. This will be a CLI tool that we can use to install a token on the so salon blockchain. So yeah, it’s awesome. Here we go. Command will be cargo, which is a rust thing. Install SPL dash token dash CLI. Now this will take a minute. I’m gonna go ahead and hit, enter and pray. It works. It, it should work. It shouldn’t be that we’ve already done all our work here. Now just take a break. Okay. Quick sanity check. This does take forever. So if you’re just watching this, I’m like, okay, is he ever gonna finish? We’re the same boat. So just chill. It’s almost there. Maybe we’ll see. Okay. It’s done. I was getting nervous when something takes that long to finish. Oh my gosh. Well mine is ready as yours. Ready? Let’s do this. We’re finally ready to create our crypto currency token. What’s crazy. Is this just one command now that we have all that stuff installed? One command. You ready? Woo. get a little giddy or maybe that’s just the coffee. I don’t know. SPL dash token space create dash token. That’s it head enter?
Ah, we just created a token. That’s it? That’s it. Now a couple of things happened here. First. There is our token address. The string of characters is how you know, it’s your token. Now what also happened is it used some of your salon to create that token. So if you look back at your balance, it would’ve changed. So if I type in salon balance here, I forgot what it was before, but it definitely decreased. Now what you wanna do real quick is just take that token ID, that token address, and just copy that down. You can get it later, but just copy that down for, you know, now. So now that created our token on the salon blockchain, we now need to create an account that can hold this token. Now this step is very simple. In fact, pretty much most of our steps from Huran are pretty simple.
After we’ve installed all the prereqs. Anyways, here we go. We’re gonna create an account for this token. The command will be SPL dash token space will then type in create dash account. And then we specify at token, we’re creating this account for now. The token we’re creating this account for is our token, the one we just made. So I’m gonna grab that public key up here or that token address paste it right there, right after that. And again, this will require Solana, but a tiny little baby bit. That’s it go? And that’s it. That’s our token account right here, which I wanna go ahead and copy and jot that down. Put it somewhere safe now quick let’s check our salon balance once more salon balance and we’ll see that. Yeah, it costs some salon, but again, less than a penny, Hey Chuck, from the future here, one quick, no on salon fees, normal transaction fees are less than a penny, but when creating a new token or creating new accounts, it does cost extra.
So for example, when you create a new salon token account, that’s gonna cost you about 50 cents. But once the account is created, you do still have that low transaction fee that less than a penny awesomeness. So here’s where we’re at. We created our token. That’s our token. That’s his address using that token. We then created an account that can hold that token. Now, all we have to do is fill that account with tokens. And we do that by mentoring tokens, which mentoring basically means we’re printing money. We can just make as many tokens as your heart desires, which is kind of cool. Let’s try it out again. Commands are super easy and they will be below the command will be SPL dash token min. We’ll put that same token address as before paste it in there. We’ll put how much we’re going to min. So just for fun.
Now you can do whatever you want. I’m gonna put 1 billion . So how many zeros as that 7 89, I’m gonna make 1 billion of this token. And then right after that, I’m gonna say, what account I want that to go to? So I’m mentoring the tokens. I’m creating them outta thin air, and then I’m gonna send them to an account that could hold the tokens, which is the account we just made right here. I’m gonna snag that guy paste him in right there. So just a quick recap of what’s happening here or minting this token. That’s the token address we’re saying we want a billion of these tokens created at a thin air and we’re gonna send it to this account. Now mening does cost Solana again, less than a penny. Here we go. Magic’s happening. And that’s it. We just created some tokens. So now let’s take a look at it.
Let’s type in. So salon token accounts. Oh wait, no wrong one. SPL try this one. SPL dash token accounts. Bam. Look at that right here. We have our token account and our current token balance. That’s pretty cool, but now what good is it having all those tokens? If we can’t send it to people transact with things, let’s go ahead and do that right now. So what you can do is create a, so salon wallet somewhere else, which is way easier than doing it here. Trust me, like you can do a web wallet, a wallet on your phone. There’s um, on apple there’s uh, actually two apps I’ve been using. There’s a soul flare and then there’s, um, slope, wallet, really easy to set up an account or a wallet, but real quick here in home and a bunch of browsers, you can set up the Phantom wallet and I’ll put a link below, super easy to set up.
I’m gonna set up a new salon wallet right now. So here I’ll click on a ad or connect wallet, create new wallet. There’s my new wallet, wallet five. And now I wanna send some of my new token to this wallet. And for that we’ll need our salon wallet address. So right in here, I have my salon currency. I’m gonna jump in there, got zero soul. I’m gonna click on deposit to display the address. So there’s my wallet address. I’m gonna copy that. And then I’ll get back to my CLI to transfer tokens to a new account. We’ll use a command SPL token and then the command transfer and then only use one very important switch. We’re gonna do dash fund recipient. And I always spell that wrong as a that good. Yeah, I think it’s good. I’ll explain what that means here in a bit.
And then we’ll put in our token address, which I’m gonna grab from up here again, then how much we wanna send. I’ll send them 1000. I’m feeling generous. And then right after that, I’ll specify the wallet address I’m sending to. So I , I need to copy it again. Let me go grab it. There we go. I’ll paste that in there. And let me explain what’s happening here. So obviously I’m using the CLI who transfer some of my new tokens. Now the switch right here. What is that doing? This is telling the salon CLI that I want to fund the creation of an account for the wallet I’m sending to. What does that mean? Well, the account we just created in the web on the Phantom wallet and any salon account you might create, it will not by default have an account for our token.
Like we just created it. Won’t be there. One has to be. So what we’re saying here is we want you to send tokens our new tokens to this account at the same time, we’ll go ahead and pay for that new account to be created for them. So we’re saying yes, send our token to them. What token? This one right here. We want a thousand sent to them. Here’s their salon wallet address. And at the same time, create a new account for them. Let’s test it out. Ready? 1, 2, 3, make it hack. Woo. Oh wait. Oh God. We forgot one command here. We need to add the switch dash allow dash unfunded dash recipient, which simply means this wallet does not have an account for our token. So we’re saying allow it to be sent even though they don’t have one. And we’re gonna go ahead and create one for them.
Let’s try it again. Ready? Set. Things are happening. It’s done. Now. Did it, did it do anything? Let’s go check. Let’s open up our web wallet. Now again, salon is super fast. There it is. Who 1000 of unknown token. Hmm. If I click on that, it’s there. it happened with that one command. We created a new account for this wallet and we sent them our new token. Now I know what you’re thinking. This whole unknown token thing. That’s not fun. I wanna name that. I want to have a, a nice picture here. Like salon down here. I want to have a picture and a name. How do we do that? I’ll walk you through it here in a sec, but for now just bask in the glory that you created a cryptocurrency token and you sent it to another wallet. You used the blockchain, you transact it on the blockchain.
You wanna see it? We can actually visualize this on a website called SOCAN. Let’s go there. socan.io here. You can see pretty much anything to do with so salon and what’s happening on the salon blockchain now to find out what’s going on with our token, cuz it is on the blockchain. Now I’m gonna grab token address. I’m just gonna copy that. Gonna go to soul scan here and paste that in there and search. There it is. There’s our token. It already sees that we created a billion tokens or meant it a billion tokens. And then down here we can see every transaction that happened, especially the one we just did. Look what happened here. We created an account. We can see that happening. That’s so cool. And just thinking about that for a moment. If you walk through this, you’re now part of the, so salon blockchain, you created a token.
That’s part of it. Now I am gonna touch on how to get this unrecognized token thing fixed. But first I’m gonna show you one more command in the CLI with this token, we may want to stop mentoring forever. Maybe you want our supply, our max supply to be a billion tokens. And that’s it. We don’t wanna create more at ever again. Cuz right now we could have meant more. I could meant another billion if I wanted to actually, you know what? Why not token meant a billion done. Now I have 2 billion tokens. Let me do SPL token accounts. Yeah. So I don’t have the full supply there because I sent a thousand to my other wallet. But I have to look back over here in sold scan. Supply is now 2 billion. Now also in FYI before I forget my, uh, Phantom wallet here, the wallet I created with my thousand unknown tokens.
If I wanna send more tokens, more of my new token to this uh, account, I’m simply gonna send to that same salon address this one here and it will auto deposit into that account. See that account is tied to that wallet. Our token account is tied to that salon wallet. So just keep that in mind ever wanna send or transact or whatever that’s gonna be a so salon wallet address. Now let’s take care of this pesky unrecognized token business. This process might be a little tricky, but it’s okay. I’ll walk you through it. So if you’re like me, you want to name your token to have it something more friendly like right now I already have network Chuck coin. Now that’s, that’s not where Chuck coin. Um, it has a different address. I’ll show you here in a bit. Actually I’ll show you right now.
Network Chuck coin. There it is. You want it to look like this right? To do that. We have to add our token to the salon registry, which lives in GitHub. So we’ll have to get into GitHub and do some stuff. Trust me, it’s not too bad. It’s actually kind of fun. But now what to name my token. I already have two out there. One for my girls and my family. I have my network. Chuck coin, token. This one. I wanna give this to Bernard hack. Well, so I’ll simply name this coin Bernard hack. Well, and for the symbol, I’ll make it BD H K Bernard hack. Well, if it’s not taken, you have to check that. I’ll show you how now in addition to figuring out what your name’s gonna be and what your symbol’s gonna be. You also need a logo to go along with this, right?
You want a logo to make it look so I’m gonna make one right now in my experience, it can pretty much be anything for the image. You want it to be a P and G and make it square. So that’s what I’ll do. Bernard hack. Well, look at all. Fancy and I’ll save that as a P and G and specifically I’ll name it. Logo dot PNG. Cool. I got my logo set. Ready to go. Hey, real quick, Chuck, from the future here, make sure your logo size. The size of that image is less than 200 kilobytes. Otherwise it’s gonna hate you. So save yourself a headache and make sure it’s small. Now the next thing we’ll need is a GitHub account. If you don’t already have one, get one. It’s completely free. I’m gonna make Bernard hack one right now. Get hub.com. Click on signup, uh, puzzles.
I think I did it. Oh yeah. it is killing me. Okay. I’m color blind. So I thought it was kind of hard. Gotta go verify that email address. I’ll paste that code in there. That’s gonna ask me a bunch of stuff. I’m a student. Just me, whatever GI Hub’s free. Skip all the personalization. Ooh, that’s new. it’s cool. Okay. Now I have a GitHub account. We’re almost there next. I’m going to store my image on a GI hub repository. So I’m gonna click on create repository. I can’t talk anymore. I’ve been recording too long. Create repository, gonna name it crypto. That’s all I’m gonna do. Click on create. And then now to upload my file, I’ll click on upload an existing file. Choose my file. Grab that logo. I just created and click on commit changes done. Okay, cool. Now real quick. What I want you to do click on that file.
there it is. Click on download and right up here at the top. We want that URL, a raw GitHub URL for this photo. Gonna snag that and jot it down. Save it somewhere. Now, go back. And now we’re gonna do something. That’s really cool. Kind of scary. I got the link below. We’re gonna navigate to salon’s token list, GitHub page. This is where it has the list of all the tokens. And if you want to add your token to this, you have to commit a change to it kind of crazy. And it does this auto magically with a bunch of DevOps stuff. So if this is your first ever taste of DevOps, it’s really cool. Anyways, here we go. First, we’re gonna get our own copy of this token list. We can do that by going over here and clicking on fork, we’re gonna fork it.
People click on fork. It’s forking, it’s forking and bam. Now we have our own version of token list that belongs to Mr. Bernard hack. Well, and with our own version here, we’re not gonna make our changes to this. Let’s do it now. There’s something really cool about GitHub being acquired by Microsoft. As you can use visual studio code right here in your browser. So watch this. I’m just gonna click on the window. I’m I’m not clicking on anything else. I’m just, I’m just have the window selected right here. I’m gonna hit the period button gonna hit, period. Magic’s gonna happen. You ready? Boom. Suddenly it’s setting up a web editor. Oh, I love this. What the heck was that? you can include that by the way, Nick, I love this. I’m lose my voice. Couple things we’re gonna do here first. We’re gonna make it bigger cause I can hardly see I’m getting old.
There are two things we’re going to change. Not very scary at all. Let’s do it real quick. The first thing we’re gonna change is over here under assets on the navigation menu. So click on assets, come on, click. And this is kinda cool. Right? Here are a bunch of folders that represent every token that belongs to these salon blockchain. And there are a lot so real quick, I keep saying real quick with this folder, ah, with this selected, we’re gonna click up here on this little folder icon and say new folder actually, before we do that, let’s go grab our token address. So I’m grabbing mine. I’m gonna click on that new folder icon and I’m gonna paste my token right there. Bam. So now my token has a folder inside there. I’m gonna expand that folder gonna right click that folder and say upload.
And I’m gonna upload my logo right there. Logo dot P and G. Bam is suddenly lives there, right there. Okay, cool. We got one more file to update. So I’m gonna collapse this menu here. The next one will be in so source right here. So expand source and then we’ll expand tokens. And then right here, this JSON file Solana dot token list dot JSON. It’s a very large file. It’s basically the registry, everything, every token that belongs to so salon now right now, we’re gonna add our new token to this. Now I already have tokens in this list. If I do F to find I can look up network Chuck coin, there’s my network. Chuck coin right there. That’s what it looks like. I’ve got another one. Keith coin right there. There’s Keith coin. Another one I added. So I’ve added stuff to this already now.
Real quick. Go ahead and search for Keith coin. Search for it. Pull it up. What I want you to do is copy all of this. We have the opening bracket here and the closing bracket here. Make sure you copy all of that. This is very important that you pay attention to the details here, cuz this is JSON. If you messed up the JSON syntax in this file, they will not like you. They’re not gonna accept your changes. So with that copied, we’re gonna scroll to the bottom of this file and we’re gonna find the last token that was added. Now we can see right here, here’s last token added some token called NSA aula stars, ant hill don’t know what that is. We’re gonna find where it ends. So here’s the beginning of it. And look, if you click that, it kind of highlights where the beginning and end is.
So here here’s the end right here. Now right here at the end, we’re gonna do a comma right after that bracket and then enter. And that’s where we’re gonna paste the stuff we just copied paste. Cool. Now we’re gonna change one thing before we notice we have an error here. We have, uh, some angry squiggles right here and it’s like, no, you have a trailing comma. We wanna remove that comma. Cool. No errors were good. Now we’re gonna change our details about our coin. Just a few fields. We’re gonna change first. Our address. You wanna put the address for your token? I’m gonna grab that right now. Copy and paste. Got it in there. Then I’ll change my symbol for Bernard hack. Well, B was it D H K Bernard hack. Well, that’s his symbol and then I’ll change the name to Bernard hack. Well, we’re almost done.
Then we’re gonna change our logo. I or the link to our GitHub page, where we had the logo updated. We’re gonna do that. You should have copied that earlier. Gonna paste that there gonna highlight paste and the tags. You can leave it as social token. Cause that’s what you’re doing. It’s just a fun token. You wanna play with? You wanna add this to the salon token registry fun times. Guess what? We’re done editing no more editing. Now we’ve gotta commit our changes to our own repository here, our own project to do that over here on the left, we have a two with some squigglies. That’s our changes. We’re gonna commit the changes by clicking on click that icon here. We’re gonna do two things first. We’re gonna add a message about what we’re doing. I’m just gonna put this adding Bernard hack. Well token you can put yours just like that.
Obviously putting your token name and then I’m gonna click on the check mark up here at the top to commit this change to my project. Commit done. That’s it. So we’re done here. Now. We’re gonna navigate back out to salon labs and to their project, to their token list. Remember we made a copy of that. We forked it and we, we made some changes to our forked project. And now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna merge our changes to their project and they do have to accept it. So fingers cross, but let’s let’s work on it right now. So here on salon labs project, we’re gonna click on pool request. Go ahead and click on that. You can see down here a, uh, list of people trying to make their own changes like we are doing right now. Notice they had an error. We want to avoid that error.
And if you follow me exactly, you’ll be fine. We’re gonna click on new pool request. This is kind of cool. Right? Here we go. We’re almost done. We’re thinking to click on this link right here in the middle compare across forks. I know you probably have no idea what you’re doing. That’s fine. It’s just cool. Compare across forks. And then right here, we have this head repository. We’re gonna change that to ours. So click on that and you see right there, Bernard hack, well token list. It’ll be wherever yours is. Now, what you wanna see is boom. It’s able to merge. That means we’re good to go. We’re gonna create that pull request, click on that. We’re almost there. Notice it went ahead and pulled in the, uh, the comment we made earlier, adding Bernard Hackel token. So I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna scroll down where it says, create, pull, request.
I’m gonna click on create, pull request. And now we wait now real quick, go ahead and click on. Pull, request up here at the top again, you’ll see yours in the list. Adding Bernard Hackel token. Now it’s cool as it’s already checked everything, but right now it’s kind of limbo. It’s still waiting to be added to the official code. So right now it’s an open pull request. What we wanna see is a closed. If I click on closed right here, once it’s all said and done, we’ll see something like this. It’s closed. Check mark. And it’s been auto merged. I believe they do this every 30 to 60 minutes automatically. So right now it’s just a waiting game. Now notice right here, I got an auto merge error. Let’s go see what happens. I wanna jump into this, scroll down a bit and analyze what the problem was.
It says not eligible for auto merge. Let’s click for more details. Ah, there’s my problem. The asset was too large. The logo I uploaded was 722 kilobytes and it’s gotta be less than 200 kilobytes. Okay, I’m gonna go fix that real quick and then do a remerge. Okay. I did another pull request for Bernard hack. Well, um, I believe I just missed the last window, so I’m gonna have to wait a bit for it to auto merge. I’ll give that a second. I’ve checked this out. My Bernard Hackel coin finally got merged on GitHub. If I go to the closed pull request here and I scrolled down just a bit, there he is. Bernard Hackel auto merged. Good to go. So now if I go back out to soul scan and where before Bernard Hackel had nothing going on, I searched for his stuff. The bam there, it all is.
He’s got his logo, got his name, got his symbol and everything. That’s awesome. So adding your token to the registry really isn’t too crazy hard and a bunch of apps rely on that to pull the name, the symbol and the logo, which is cool. It’s just really cool. Now just a quick note about your new cryptocurrency token. As of right now, the only way for people to receive your token for someone else to have it besides you is for you to send it to them. So the supply of 2 billion I created for for Bernard Rockwell token, I have to send it and that’s the only way someone can receive it, which means people can’t buy it for someone to buy this. This token has to be part of an exchange, which is a whole process. It’s very convoluted and it does cost some money, which I did go through that process for network Chuck coin, just for fun.
So if you wanna buy that, you can, and we’ll go over that here in a second. Again, not financial advice. You should not buy that for an investment, but for fun. Yeah. Do it for fun. It costs nothing. but anyways, yeah. So as far as this token goes, send it to your friends, have fun. Just say you have crypto currency and you can send it to people. However, setting it up on an exchange and creating a market and liquidity pools and all that jazz. You don’t need to do that. trust me. So now let’s talk about, could actually buy network, Chuck coin, keeping in mind, this is just for fun. It is not an investment opportunity, but I think it’d be kind of cool to own some right and beyond cool points. I do plan on developing some kind of utility for having to do with my educational website.
So stay tuned for that anyways. Here’s how you buy it. And it’s actually really crazy easy. Here we go. Now first you will need a cryptocurrency wallet and one that I can hold salon. Now, if you followed a lot of these steps in this video, you would’ve already had one. If you don’t I’ll show you real quick, I’m gonna go ahead and open up my brave web browser. You can use Chrome or Firefox or any of the popular web browsers out there. And I’m gonna search for the Phantom wallet. This is a very popular web three wallet for salon. So anyways, let’s get that going. I’m click on download and here you can see, we can add it to a bunch of stuff. I’m use brave, cuz that’s what I’m using right now. I will add to brave and this is stupid, easy. And just like that, I have a wallet in brave from here.
We’re gonna click on create a new wallet. And in case you don’t know right here is your monic phrase. You wanna take this, copy it, write it down, put it somewhere safe in case you ever lose this wallet or lose access to it, you can restore it with this phrase. Once you have that saved, go ahead and say, yeah, I did it somewhere by clicking that little button right there and then create a password for your wallet. This can be whatever you want. And then we’ll click on. I agree and save. And then once more to continue and you’re done now to access your wallet. And this does go for most browsers. You can go right up here to the top, right? To your extensions, click on that little puzzle thing right there. And there he is. I’m gonna go ahead and pin this so I can access it easily.
Just click that little ghost right there of Phantom. And there’s my wallet right there. Now to buy some network, Chuck coin, you will need Solana and more specifically you’re gonna need so the cryptocurrency of Solana. And if you’re wondering how much do I need man network, Chuck coin is pretty stink and cheap right now as of the time of this recording and this may change. But right now you can min or purchase network Chuck coin for a w Bing 10 cents. Us D so if you wanna grab one just for fun, 10 cents, it’s a dime. But anyways, first we need some Solana. Now, if you didn’t already buy some Solana through the course of this tutorial, you could buy some right now I’ll show you real quick. Solana can be purchased on a number of exchanges. My favorite one to use just for ease of use is, uh, Coinbase.
So I’m logged into the Coinbase. I’m gonna click on buy, sell the top, right? Again, different exchanges will have different looks and feels obviously, but how to use it is pretty much the same. So here I don’t wanna buy a Bitcoin. I wanna buy salon. So I’ll change that. And then I’ll enter in how much I wanna buy in U S D right here. Now a wild network. Chuck coin will only cost you 10 cents per coin. Coin based will not allow you to send or transact Solana less than $12 worth. So I’m just gonna buy a $15 worth of salon. I’ll click on preview, buy and purchase my salon by now. Now what I wanna do is transfer that salon. I just bought that soul from my exchange to that Phantom wallet that we just created. So I’m gonna go back to my brave web browser and here on my Phantom wallet, I’m gonna click on, on deposit and I’ll search for Solana.
There it is. I click on that and right here is the so salon wallet address for our Phantom wallet here. I’ll click on copy to copy the address. Okay, copy, go back to my exchange, which is Coinbase and click on send, receive. I’m gonna send all the, so I have right now, which is $13 and 44 cents worth cuz Coinbase took a chunk outta that transaction. And then in that two, that wallet address, I just created also making sure I have Solana selected. I’ll click on, continue send now and then put in my two step verification code, which you should have if you don’t have that, get it and confirm. And because Solana is so wicked fast, if I go back to my Phantom wallet, it should already be there. There it is. That wasn’t even edited, man. That was your bam real quick. So now that you have Solana buying network, Chuck coin is really, really easy.
Check this out. The website is mint.network. chuck.com. The first thing I wanna do is connect your wallet to this application by clicking on connect wallet. So I’ll go and click on that. I’m gonna choose the Phantom wallet I just created. And then you’ll get a dialogue box asking, Hey, do you actually wanna connect with this? Do you trust this person? Now I trust me and I hope you trust me. I’m not gonna steal your money. So anyways, click on connect and your wallet is ready to purchase some network. Check coin. Now again, it’s displaying the price right here. One network check coin will cost you 0.001 soul, which equates to roughly about 10 cents USD. So say for example, now I wanna buy 50 network shut coin and actually Solana just went up. So it’s about 18 cents per network. Shut coin now, which is kind of cool cuz it was 10 cents.
When I initially set the price. So anyways, 50 network shut coins will cost me 0.05. So now all I have to do is click on min and I’ll get my network. Chuck coins clicking on min. Now, boom, it’s gonna ask me to approve that transaction. It’s telling me what’s going down, which this is not accurate. You’re not gonna be getting 50 billion network check coins, but I will be getting 50. So I’ll click on, approve down the bottom left. I can see that’s confirming actually it’s already done. And if I look at my wallet, there it is. Look at that. How cool is that? 50 network? Chuck coins. So anyways, that’s how you do it again. Not an investment, but just fun to do. And going forward, I do have some fun ideas for my network, Chuck coin holders. So if you do buy, don’t forget to hold and look for more stuff in the future.
So yeah, that was creating your own cryptocurrency and more specifically your cryptocurrency token because it is different. Right? But how cool is this? I mean, yeah, it took a bit of work, but that didn’t feel like work, right? That was more fun. and um, please let me know if you did that in the comments below. I wanna know your token. I want some of your tokens send me your token. I’ll put my wallet address below. I want all your tokens. I, you know, I would stink and love that if you guys all created your own tokens and then sent me the tokens, oh, please do that. I would love that. So I’ll put my salon wallet address below. Send me your tokens. If you do go through this process. Oh, that would warm my heart and don’t forget to get it listed on the salon registry so people can know what your name is, what your token name is.
Oh, oh, good to stuff. So cool. Well guys, that’s all I have today. Um, yeah, I’ve been going down the Crip currency, rabbit hole, but having fun with it. And I thought, you know, I want my own and it’s actually pretty easy to do. Yes. You can create your own token on other blockchains. I thought Solana was the coolest one because it’s fast has low fees. And I think Lana has a bright future. Again, don’t let me say it. It’s not financial advice, but I think it is pretty cool. The technology behind it is what I’m excited about anyways guys. Whew. Yeah, I’ve had too much coffee. It’s already too late. And uh, do not forget to hack that YouTube algorithm hit that like button subscribe, notification bell and, and comment. Cuz you gotta hack YouTube today. Ethically of course. Yeah. That’s all I got to the moon. No don’t no, no to the moon. Nothing’s going to the moon. It’s just for fun. For real. I’ll get you guys next time.

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