if….and…or…..NOT!!! (Python Logical Operators) // EP 6

Video Notes:

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In this episode of NetworkChuck’s Python series, he teaches you how to keep out evil Ben and how to keep out evil Patricia and Loki. But sometimes you need to make some exceptions for good deeds! Get prepared to learn about the Python Logical Operators and, or, and not!

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0:00 Intro
1:30 Ad read
2:45 Let’s get STARTED!
3:50 NEW CONCEPT: Logical operators! (or)
5:23 Mini challenge 1! Make sure we say, Patricia!
6:47 Mini challenge 2! Make sure Loki can’t get in!
7:31 Flowchart mode!
8:26 NEW CONCEPT: Logical operators! (and)
8:43 Mini challenge 3! Check for good deeds!
11:48 NEW CONCEPT: Logical operators! (not)
13:08 Booleans! Don’t get hungry!
16:30 != not
16:50 Outro

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