Kali Linux APPS on Windows in 5min (WSLg)

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In this video Chuck shows you how to get Windows and Linux married on your own computer using WSL 2!. But that’s not all! Chuck will also show you how to install WSLg on Windows 11 so that you can run GUI versions of your favorite Linux apps right on your Windows 11 desktop!

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
0:53 ⏩ What do you need??
2:01 ⏩ How to Enable virtualization
2:48 ⏩ Installing Wsl 2
3:43 ⏩ Setting up Ubuntu
4:10 ⏩ Getting WSLg set up
4:52 ⏩ Launching your first Linux GUI app
5:15 ⏩ Ad read
7:43 ⏩ Installing other Linux distros
8:41 ⏩ How to really install Kali
9:10 ⏩ Setting up Kali
9:35 ⏩ How to install Win-Kex
11:00 ⏩ Using Win-Kex on Windows 10
11:39 ⏩ Outro

Cali Lennox and Buntu on windows is the craziest thing. Check this out. They run like their apps on the system. Bam. There’s Cali. Hey look, it’s ATU. They’re running like they’re part of the system because they are, this magic is a windows feature called WSL two. And when you enable it, boom, windows and Lennox just got married, giving us the easiest and coolest way to run Lennox on our windows. But hold up now we have something even crazier it’s called w S LG or G. I wonder what that is. Check it out. Now we can run the individual Lennox apps and they’re part of the windows gooey. Isn’t this crazy. So, yeah, I mean windows and Lennox. They’re they’re married now. So again, in this video, I’m gonna show you how to get Lennox and windows married on your system. Setting up WSL two on windows, 10, windows, 11 and WSL G.
And it’s only gonna take you about five minutes. So get your copy. Ready? Let’s do this. I wanna also shout out to private internet access response in this video. We’ll talk more about them later. Now, first, what do you need to do this? This is the best part. You only need your windows computer. That’s it. Now, if you’re still rocking windows XP you’re out, cuz you do need windows, tent or 11. That was one way to segue that for windows 10 you’ll need version 2004 or higher, or build 19 0 4, 1 or higher, and then windows 11, you just need stinking windows 11. It’s all good. Now also one important note here you saw how cool Ws LG was. This is only gonna be on windows 11, which is not too crazy. Cuz you can upgrade the windows 11 four free right now. But if you still wanna rock windows 10 WSL two will still work.
Great. And also real quick to make sure that you have the correct windows, 10 version. Here’s how you check go all the way down here to your search bar and type in win bear just like this and hit enter. Bam. Easy enough. You can tell from mine that I am good. I’ve got build 19 0 44 with the minimum minimum came and say that being 19 0 4 1. And then one more thing you’ll need whether or not you have windows 10 or windows 11, you gotta make sure you have virtualization enabled in your bios. Now first to enable virtualization for your computer, you have to get into your bios, but how do you do that? That’s gonna vary. But most of the time, this involves rebooting your computer. And as it comes up, key pet that delete key rapidly delete is most common key. You’re gonna hit to get into your bios now how to enable virtualization and your bios will vary based on what computer you have.
But here’s what you can kind of look for on AMD systems. This is what it will look like. You’ll want find your CPU settings and look for something called SVM for Intel based systems. You’ll be looking for Intel virtualization or Intel VT. You’ll want to enable that. And once you’ve enabled it, make sure you exit and save and reboot. And this again will vary based on what motherboards you have, what bios version you have and what CPU you have. Oh, almost forgot. One last thing you’ll need and you need this for anything and everything in it. Coffee, Chuck to coffee. So now here we go. Time to set up w SL two on windows 10 and windows 11. The good news. It’s the same across the board to only one command. Check this out. It’s magic. The first thing we’ll do is launch an elevated command prompt, which is fancy words for doing this right here.
Go down to your windows. Key on both windows 10 and windows 11 and search for C M D. You should see the command prompt app pop up and all you gotta do here is right. Click that and say, run as administrator bam elevated. And now time for our one command right here on our command prompt. We’re gonna type in WSL space, dash install, and that’s it. Head enter and take a quick coffee break. The magical will happen on its own. And once yours is done, you should see than like this. The operation is successful. Good job doctor, but we do need to reboot our system. So we’ll go ahead and do that now. Real quick, pay attention to this here. I’m in windows 11 and notice that it went ahead and downloaded and installed gooey app support that’s w S SLG and notice that is missing here on windows 10 sad face, but it’s okay.
Let’s go ahead and reboot. Now once you reboot and you come back into it may see it. Go ahead and continue the installation for Ubuntu because that’s what it’s gonna do by default. Don’t worry. We’ll install Cali here in a bit. Now last thing you have to do here, just set up your username. So I’ll do network check, put my password in twice and bam, we are in, we have Ubuntu running like an app on our windows, computer, which is crazy. We can close it, go over here and look for it. Ubuntu where you at there you are and launch it again. Now looking back at windows 11, I wanna show you one cool thing real quick. Let’s get some Ws SLG action going here in our command prompt or rather our Ubuntu terminal. We’re going to do pseudo a PT update to update our repositories.
Just go ahead and enter on that into your password. Again, tiny little coffee break. Just for a moment. This won’t take long. And once I finishes we’ll install a Linux application. So let’s do pseudo a PT install and we’ll install something called gimp, G I M P it’s like Photoshop for Linux. And then we’ll do a space dash Y at the end of that and hit enter. This is gonna be so cool. Give it a little bit of time. More coffee. No worries. Okay, it’s done. Now try this go to, to your, uh, windows key bar down there. Let the’s start button is that what’s called. Yeah. And notice, do you see this? There is a recently added app. It’s called gimp. Let’s go ahead and launch it. Look at this. Isn’t this crazy. This is clearly a Lenox application has a look and feel right, but I can move it around, minimize it, bring it back up.
Like it’s part of windows. This is a Linux application and that’s so crazy. I can also install, uh, GED, a text editing, editing application and Linux. And then I can launch GED right from my applications here. Text editor, Ubuntu. How cool is that? Hey, real quick. It’s time for a coffee break and this coffee break and the entire video is sponsored by private internet access. If you’ve watched enough of my videos, you know that surfing online can be kind of dangerous when you’re visiting your favorite website or your bank, some bad things could be happening that you’re not even aware of. And it’s possible that hackers can see all of the traffic that you’re sending to these websites. This can happen to you anywhere, whether you’re at home or even worse, like a coffee shop or, uh, airport, we’re using free public wifi, dude. It’s dangerous.
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That’s 83% off kind of crazy. And if you’re not completely satisfied, you get a 30 day money back guarantee. Thanks again. Private internet access for sponsoring this video. Now copy, break over. Let’s get back to it. Now let’s get a bit nerdy and talk about how we can use WSL to install other Linux distributions. It’s kind of cool. Watch this. So I’m gonna close U buncher real quick and I’ll once again, launch my CMD by clicking on the windows key and typing in CMD. No need to elevate this time, just launch it and let’s try our first command. We’ll do WSL once more. So type in WSL, do a space and we’ll do a dash list. This will tell you what you currently have installed. And all we have right now is Ubuntu and it’s our default Lennox distro hit the up arrow to bring up that same command and we’ll do a space after our list and do dash dash online, hit enter here and now we have a list of what we can install all of versions available.
And one thing I’m excited about is the C Linux right here. Should we install it? Yeah, let’s go ahead and do it right now. So here’s the next command on how to install this we’ll type in WSL. No big surprise. There we’ll do a space and then dash install space dash D four distribution space. And then we’ll specify which of these we want to install now for C could do Cali dash Lennox. Now don’t do it though. Don’t do it. I’ll explain why you’re in a second. But if you were to install another distribution, this is how you would do it now. Here’s why you shouldn’t do it for C Lennox. For some reason, this version right here that WSL is pulling from is not the current version of Cali. And if we try to install this, we’re gonna have some major issues, but there’s a super easy workaround and it’s kind of fun actually.
So what we’re gonna do go to the windows store. We’re gonna go shopping. So get back down to our start bar, our start button, click on that. And we’re gonna search for windows store, go and launch that app. And then up here in the search bar, we’re just gonna search for Cali Lennox. And there it is right there. Cali Lennox and the windows app store who would’ve thought. So click on that and let’s go ahead and get that sucker click on GI. This will be the latest version of Cali that will totally work. And by the way, this works for both windows 10 and what I’m using now, windows 11, call Linux running like a stinking app. What do you say? We open it. Yeah, let’s go ahead and do that. Click on it and it will continue the installation process. Mainly it’s gonna ask us to set up a username and password like gobo to who did so quick coffee break and we’ll wait on that to happen.
Network Chuck password in twice and bam, Callie, Lennox right here in windows, kind of crazy. So now we have call installed and that’s pretty stinking cool, but we need to do one more thing to make the guiness happen. Now don’t be weird. It’s G I graphical user interface. Come on now on both windows 11, windows 10, and we’re going to install something called win KES and Cali Lennox win KES, win decks, no win KES. This is gonna do two things for us. First here in windows 11, it’s gonna make w S LG screen. It’s gonna be awesome. And then over here in windows 10 land, it’s gonna give us some pretty awesome gooey action. I don’t wanna spoil it. It’s gonna be so cool. Anyways, let’s install it real quick. It’s gonna be one command. Let’s try it out. The command will be pseudo a P T install and the app is called Kali dash Winex and then we’ll do a space dash Y and that’s it.
That’s command both in windows 10 and windows 11, go ahead and enter. And the party will start, oh wait, need your pseudo password. Same password used before hit enter. And now the party’s gonna start quick coffee break. And at some point during the installation, it’s gonna ask you, Hey, what language do you speak? English and hit enter. You’re good. And just keep waiting. Okay. Mine is finished. And the first thing I want you to notice here in windows 11 is click on your windows. Key. Check this out. Notice there are a lot more apps going on because all of those call Lennox apps that are built in got added to this. If I click on all apps, scroll down a bit, a whole call Lennox folder right here with everything I need. I launch a text editor and maybe OWA zap. And just like that, it’s crazy.
I’ve got Lennox apps from call Lennox, running in windows. It doesn’t get better than that. Now. Windows 10 people. Don’t worry. I got your back. Winex does some pretty crazy stuff. So switching back to windows 10, once Winex is install here in Cali, we’re gonna launch this command or enter this command. So check this out. We’ll do command KES space dash win space dash S ready for this? Not sure you’re ready. Ready? We’re gonna set a password for V and C. This is actually setting up a new password. Say no for this. That’s fine. And then here comes the magic. Look at this. You have your entire are call Lennox, desktop right here on windows. Isn’t that crazy? And I get outta there. We’ll just hit F eight and say disconnect, but that’s awesome. And real quick, one more thing. Getting back to w S LG did I mention that you can run Lennox apps that are games and the sound actually comes through and works. Check the sound. I installed a game in Bo two. Go find it. There it is. Hedge war. Look at at that. Isn’t they crazy? So what do you think? I think this is probably the coolest way we can get people invested in Linux. You can just install UX, like an app on your windows, PC, and it’s using only one simple command WSL space, dash dash install. And that’s it.
And then everyone can start playing with Lennox and then w SLG, what? Anyways, let me know what you guys think below. Make sure you hack that YouTube algorithm today. That like button notification, bell comment, subscribe. We have to hack YouTube today. Ethically, of course. And yeah, that’s all I have. I will catch you guys next time.

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