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Don’t get hacked this holiday season: https://bit.ly/BitdefenderNC  (59% discount on a 1 year subscription)



  1. Tryhackme – https://tryhackme.com/ use code NetworkChuck2022 and get 20% off their annual subscription plans + the first 30 people who use the code get a free TryHackMe t-shirt!! 
  1. Codecademy https://ntck.co/ccbf22 Monday 11/21 – Monday 11/28. Code: CYBER22 for 50% off Pro annual subscriptions and Pro Student annual subscriptions.
  1. Boson – ntck.co/bosoncybersale Monday November 21nd-Monday November 28th, 30% off NetSim, code CYBER22
  1. INE – https://ine.com/ Monday, November 21st with our Premium subscription on sale for $499 and our Premium+ plan for $649. + $10 off using code Chuck489 on the premium subscription and code Chuck639 on premium+ plan
  1. Hak 5: https://ntck.co/hak5 competition link https://ntck.co/hak5ga22 
  1. Udemy – At https://ntck.co/ubf22 you can get courses as low as $9.99 through Nov 25
  1. ITPro.tv – click https://ntck.co/itprotv and use code networkchuck for 30% off 
  1. Pluralsight -go to https://www.pluralsight.com/ for 50% off subscriptions! This offer expires December 2nd, 2022.

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This holiday season, give yourself the gift of study. It’s time to level up your career, your life. And finally, learn hacking or coding or Cloud Linux right now because I’ve got a list of the best IT training Black Friday deals out there. And it’s training I actually use and recommend. I wanna also stay vigilant. Look, live, sprinkle throughout this video are codes with free training. The training I’m gonna mention here in this video. So get your coffee ready, let’s do this. Try Hack me is a site dedicated to helping you become a hacker but not in the traditional way. It’s actually pretty fun cuz everything is hands on. Try hack me is usually where I recommend beginners start. If you’re a beginner, they got you. It’s super beginner friendly and seriously you’ll start hacking instantly and it feels pretty awesome. Now what’s crazy is that a lot of try Hack me is free, but if you wanna get serious, you’ll go premium. 

And here’s the deal. If you do an annual subscription and use Code Network, Chuck 2022, it goes from 90 bucks to 72 bucks for a year, that’s 20% off. Oh by the way, the first 30 people to use that code will get a free try Hack Me shirt. So they’re stinking hurry up. Code Academy is my favorite way to learn how to code. It’s actually how I first got started with Python. And if you’re just starting out, it’s what I recommend similar to try hack me. It’s all hands on. You just start coding immediately. I love it. And while a lot of it is free premium is where you get serious. And here’s the deal. If you wanna go pro enter Code Cyber 22, apply that sucker, you’re getting half off a year, that’s kind of a crazy deal. So if you’ve been wanting to learn Python or Java or any language really this is the perfect way to start Bozo and sem. 

If you want to get your Cisco CCNA or your ccmp, you gotta have it. It’s the best way to lab CCNA and CCMP concepts. They’re pre-built, they’re beautiful and you can use them right from your browser, from anywhere. Mac, Lennox, windows. Doesn’t matter if you have a browser, you can do it. And here’s the deal, 30% off NetSim Cyber 22. I’m telling you if you want that ccna, you don’t wanna miss this. It’s actually what I used to pass my CCMP troubleshoot exam, which was super hard. But this thing helped me out. I N E or intern network experts, I’ve used them forever. They are fantastic for the more advanced things like cc i e, you won’t find the stuff anywhere else. And more recently they’ve gotten into hacking. They acquired EER security, which are the people that do the E J P T among other certs and their certs are among the most respected certifications in hacking, especially that E J P T. 

It’s one of the best beginner level certs out there. So anyways, in E has the official training for it. So here’s the deal and it’s pretty crazy. Their premium plan, normally 7 49, nope, it’s gonna be 4 99 premium plus 8 99. Nope, it’s gonna be 6 49. The standard 50% off cert voucher along with a totally free cert voucher. So this deal’s pretty crazy. You want to get this for premium. The code is Chuck 4 89 for premium plus the code is Chuck 6 39. So if you wanna get your E J P T this deal, you really can’t pass it up. Actually I think I might do this, I might use my own code for this. So you wanna do it with me? Let’s do it. Now speaking of hacking, please don’t get hacked this holiday season because I know you’ve seen ’em, right? You’ve gotten emails and all these popups saying Hey, here’s a deal, here’s a sale, here’s this. You know what? A lot of those are fake 

And they want you to download some dumb stuff that’s gonna get you in dumb trouble. Don’t be dumb. No, I know you’re probably good, right? But what about your friends? What about your family? Also, what about you? Cuz you’re not good. So knowing that you’re not good, protect yourself, your friends and your family with Bit Defender Premium Security, the sponsor of today’s video and the protector of my computer crap Web attack prevention is not enabled. Let me enable that real quick. Who that was Close Bit Defender has your back with antivirus protection, advanced Threat defense, which will identify suspicious behavior and helps with blocking zero day attacks. It’s got that online threat prevention. So online ain’t threatening you no more. It will constantly scan your system for vulnerabilities. It’s firewall will make sure Windows Defender doesn’t get jacked up because hackers can turn off Windows Defender with just a few keys. 

I demonstrated that earlier in a previous video. Ransomware remediation, why don’t I have that enabled? Go ahead and do that because these attacks happen all the time and you want to have that in place. And being secure goes beyond protection. You need some privacy too. They got you back this holiday season. Make sure you’re safely paying for things. They give you a secure environment for sensitive transactions. They also make sure you’re not being tracked. Anti tracker. Why don’t I have these things enabled? What’s wrong with me? Can’t track me. Elon. I don’t know if he’s tracking us. I am. He might be though. And then do you ever wonder on your laptop if your camera is like watching you like me right now as I’m looking at you with your coffee down, don’t look so surprised. Don’t wonder anymore. They’ve got video and audio protection. 

Making sure that programs like the one I’m using right now to control yours isn’t overtaking it. And then finally, I know you’re thinking that it’s gonna slow down your system. You’re trying to game, it’s gonna slow you down. Don’t worry, it’ll adapt to what you need. If you’re gaming, they’ve got gaming mode. Yeah, movie mode. Are you working? Or maybe just don’t think about it and let Bit Defender just do it all for you auto magically. So check my link below for a deal that’s always good year round. Get a year of premium security for only 64 98. Can’t beat that. Hack five is fun. They make hacking gadgets that are pretty insane. I featured a few in my videos, the land hurdle and the USB rubber ducky. So here’s their deal right now you can get up to 15% off based on how much you spent. 

Basically. Here’s some math for you, 2% off for everyone, hundred dollars spent up to 10% plus 5% off for bonus savings at checkout on bundles. What are their bundles? I don’t, they have a bunch of stuff you can buy altogether. I mean that’s what a bundle is. I don’t know why I’m explaining bundles to you, but these hacking gadgets are insane. Which by the way, do you, do you want one? Thanks to hack five, I’m giving away two $50 gift cards, two $100 gift cards and one $250 gift card. So click the link below. You will need this code a seriously shout out to hack five for giving some stuff away. And if you do want some stuff like you and I’m sure you do, now’s the time. Hack the box. No one has a massive hacking playground. If you wanna practice your hacking skills, this is the place to go. 

Now I gotta be honest, for many beginners this might feel overwhelming and did for me at least that’s why they started the Hack the Box Academy. If a head on over to academy dot hack the box.com here, they pretty much give you everything you need to go from zero to Hacking Beast. They even have Paths giving you the path of becoming a bug Bounty hunter. They have basic tool sets, penetration tester, you name it, they probably have it now. Right now they don’t have a specific deal for Black Friday. But are you ready? I am gonna give away three Hack the 

Box, box Academy annual subscriptions a whole year. So check it out, link below. Use this code to enter. I mean, can you imagine what you could do with the whole year of Hack the Box Academy? How could you not become a hacker? So shout out to Hack the Box. You’re giving this stuff away and if you wanna check them out, link below. Now it wouldn’t be Black Friday without a sale from Emmy. I mean let’s be honest, Udemy always has sales, but Black Friday is one of their biggest wants. If you don’t know what Udemy is, it’s a place where some great instructors sell their courses. It’s basically a course marketplace and it has some great courses. Not all of them are great, but some of them are. And with their Black Friday sale, you can pick some up for like 10 bucks. I’m talking $9 and 99 cents for an entire course on Python. 

So really no specific code for this or anything. They just had the sale going on through November 25th, 10 bucks for courses. You don’t wanna miss these. People normally just collect these when they need them. Like hey, I might wanna learn best scripting someday I’m gonna buy that course for $10. So I got a link below if you want to use it but you don’t really need a coupon, just go for it. But they’ve got courses on pretty much everything from CCNA to A plus to Angel use Python course, which is amazing. Yeah, check it out. Now my favorite training provider, you probably already saw this coming, is it Pro tv? They’re my go-to for pretty much everything because their stuff is actually fun to watch. So whatever you wanna learn from a plus to CCNA to hacking, they they have it. It’s fun, it’s educational. 

And out of all the training providers on this list, if you could only pick one IT Pro tv. And the cool part is use Code Network, Chuck, you get 30% off forever. So like not just Black Friday, but like next Friday, which is a normal Friday, it’ll still work. So I had to throw them in because they’re amazing. Anyways, continuing off number eight on my list is Pluralsight. You’ve probably heard of ’em. They have training on Stink and everything. They’re what I would refer to as a quantity training provider. I mean don’t get me wrong, they have some fantastic training on there. Pluralsight has just an abundance of courses. They have so many, it’s ridiculous. So whatever you wanna learn that they’re gonna have it. And a lot of other training is pretty solid. That’s why I always keep a Pluralsight subscription just in case because there are things I wanna learn that might be kind of niche and other training providers may not have. 

So they do have the information, it’s pretty good. And right now, 50% off for Black Friday, no specific code. Just go to this link below $149 for a year off of 300. That’s 50% right? Or you can go premium, which has more stuff. But seriously, like they have everything. So all these providers I mentioned, I do have subscriptions to all of them cuz I’m always learning and studying and each provider kind of has their own thing that I enjoy. And really when it comes to good training, it’s kind of subjective. Like you may find the style of Pluralsight much more to your liking than like it pro tv. It really depends on what your preference is. So in this list I included pretty much all training styles. So pick your poison, pick all of ’em if you want, like I do. And yeah, that’s it. 

That’s my list. But before you go, I wanna take a little drink of water. I know not coffee, water, I drink water. I want to end it with a little note. These deals, they’re here that come every year. If you truly want to level up your career, change your life, jump into a new job from a job that you hate right now, make more money, support your family or whatever it is. If you really want to do that, now’s the time. You’ll kick yourself for not doing it now because this is, this is when the deals are. Sure you could buy your training in the summer in June or whatever, but there’s not gonna be a great sale then. So do it right now when it’s advantageous for you for your wallet. 

Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t wait until New Year’s, dude, right now. Right now is always the best time. Pick a course, pick a certification, pick a skill and see it through. Do not wait because right now is always the best time. And actually, I want you to let me know below what you’re gonna be studying. What are you picking right now for me? I’m gonna jump back into Hack the Box and try hack me. I’ve kind of been dormant on that for a bit. I might even check out the E J P T, maybe dabble on that, maybe get that certification. Also, is there a deal I missed? Let me know below. I tried to get all this information beforehand. I’m not sure if I captured everything, but I can vouch for all these providers I listed in this video. Anyways, that’s all I got. I’ll catch you guys next time.

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