make CRAZY money in tech (top 5 Entry-Level Certs)

Video Notes:

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Our 5 top entry level certifications for HelpDesk, Security, Networking, Ethical Hacking, and Cloud! We show you what type of job in the industry you can get into, income, how much the certification will cost you and more!!

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
0:25 ⏩ The 5 Categories!
0:39 ⏩ Criteria for Our favorite Certs!!
1:07 ⏩ Our Top HelpDesk Certification
2:48 ⏩ The best Security Certification
4:09 ⏩ Top Networking Certification
5:28 ⏩ The Cloud Certification
6:19 ⏩ The Ethical hacking Best Certification
7:37 ⏩ What you need to break into the IT industry!
7:58 ⏩ How to study for these certs!!
8:34 ⏩ Outro

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