my editor stole my credit card ($5,000+ PC build)

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In this video, Chuck gives his video editor Austin his credit card so that he can do a dream PC build at Microcenter, but that’s not all! He also has to build the PC himself…… and he has to do it in VR!

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0:00 ⏩Intro
0:56 ⏩ little ad read
1:50 ⏩ Starting the journey(With coffee… and tea)
2:07 ⏩ Finding the BEST parts
5:18 ⏩ The damage
5:27 ⏩ Destroying the old PC(kind of)
5:35 ⏩ little ad read 2 electric boogaloo
6:00 ⏩ Starting the build(With some help)
6:34 ⏩ Putting in the CPU(Stressful)
7:08 ⏩ Adding RAM(The computer kind)
7:18 ⏩Adding the FAST storage
8:04 ⏩installing the AIO
8:30 ⏩Surgically bringing in the GPU
9:30 ⏩Bringing in Thor(the power supply)
10:30 ⏩ Mikayla to the rescue
11:30 ⏩ Is Austin going to get as raise??
12:02 ⏩ Putting in the case(Timelapse style because it took too long)
12:12 ⏩ Turning it on(In the case)
12:30 ⏩ little ad read 3(don’t hate me)
13:10 ⏩ Outro

I gave my credit card to my video editor, Austin. And I said, Hey buddy, go buy the PC of your dreams, a unlimit budget. But there is a catch. He has to build this himself and he has to build it in VR. And because I want Mr. Be to notice me, if he builds it perfectly, the first time I’m giving him a $10,000 raise and Cameron went to his apartment, picked him up. Uh, we got surprise for you. Oh, grab your computer sucks.
We’re gonna, we’re gonna let you buy a new one.
Let’s do it.
And we took him to Microcenter with an unlimited budget. I feel like I’m doing like a TV show to a PC. Here we are. And then build your own PC section Austin. You have my credit card. You can do whatever you want. How many PCs have you built?
Zero. Don’t worry. He’s got some computer building experts on standby to guide him, but its still gonna be hard and terrifying. I almost freaked out and I was thinking about giving away his old computer to you, but nah, we destroyed it instead. I’m totally kidding. We’re still giving it away and thanks for our sponsor Invidia. We’re gonna throw a 30, 80 ti graphics car inside a founders edition. Here it is. Isn’t it beautiful. You can’t find these thing anywhere. So if you wanna win this video card and Austin’s old PC, which is actually pretty good. Check the link in the description to enter and please note, you must sign up for Invidia’s conference to win. Wait, what conference? Oh, you gotta check this out. It’s actually happening right now. So as soon as you finish this video, go check it out. And seriously, like if you’re interested in AI, you know, artificial intelligence or the collaborative world in the omniverse, which no, I’m not talking about the latest Spider-Man movie.
This is real life, man. This is real technology. If you care about that, then you need to check out this conference. Not only that, but there’s also cybersecurity stuff like this session on accelerated anti phishing powered by Invidia, DPU, which is fricking nuts. And they’re also covering stuff like game development and autonomous vehicles. The pretty much covering the future. If you wanna, future’s gonna be like, and check out this conference. It’s free link below. Get signed up. It’s actually happening right now. Don’t miss it. Just wait until you finish this video. Now like every it journey, it starts with coffee or if you’re not quite ready for the big leagues yet you can try it. And once we fueled up, we headed to micro center. All right. So Austin, you found the CPUs so that’s could start now. The kicker here is that he has no idea what he’s doing. He has no idea how to build a computer. He doesn’t even know what parts he needs.
The only thing I know is that the more money means
Better. I think we’re a disadvantage. That’s usually the case.
I’m leaning towards the nine. Which one though? This one.
So the uh, AMD rise, 9 59, 50 X for me 3.4. Vier Hertz. You know all that.
Think it takes me to the future, right? God,
I definitely
Need a mother born. This is the size of a mother, horse X five 70 is actually probably the one you have now. And the one I have B five 50 is a smaller form factor.
Go bigger, go home. Right?
Is that the one we wanted to have them? No. Awesome. Thank
You. No problem at all guys.
All right. Override. He chose a good motherboard, but this one’s better. Now how much Ram do you think you’re gonna need people?
What’s the max Ram you can get.
What, what, what is, what is your slow down
About the tri and Z Neo? Yeah,
I pick that one. That seem like a good one to you. Pretty good.
Sounds good.
I think it seems pretty good.
I need a graphics card.
This is gonna hurt a lot. This one’s gonna hurt the 1660s really fast.
Is that what you used?
It’s really fast. Yeah. The higher, the number goes the slower. It is. So anything, the 3000 don’t even touch it. When you see here, you have two options. You got 30, 80 I and the 30, 80, which one’s better.
I’m thinking the more letters, the better
David and video, they intuitively the intuitive product naming fine. 30 and four.
Fine. Next. We definitely need
Cooling. So should we go pick the case first? Yeah. Pick the case first. I’ll give you a heads. The bigger, the better actually.
One’s really nice louder room.
The lot, lot room in there.
I like that. Look at all that space.
Lost space. Lot of room to grow. Right? You’re gonna lose your mother. Boy where your card.
No. Austin. Hurry and get your dang card, dude. Wait.
It’s okay. You can buy me another one. I’m going with this one.
Is that gonna fit my Tesla? Of course. And, and how big of a water cooler are you gonna get? Uh,
I know three’s gotta be better than two’s
It’s gotta be the cracking Z 73 RGB,
Right? Least the cracking sir. Sorry, I couldn’t one X.
This is about as far as I get on my own hard drive.
Um, I’m
Picking nine 80 pro.
So we have this hard drive. This is been gonna be for like your OS storage, but you’re gonna have a lot of games. You don’t want it all. You wanna junk up your nice and fast N BME with games, also video editing. Cuz you’re probably gonna be editing this video.
Yeah. I want this for video editing. It’s gotta be the nine 80 pro.
There, there is one really, really crucial piece that we’re missing at the moment. Yeah, you might just, you might kinda feel powerless.
What’s that call power. Just power cables. Integrated
Graphic. Oh good Lord.
I just get, I’m gonna get power supplies.
That one. That’s the one. That’s the one. That’s one. I put the part list. So there’s 850 wat and it’s also platinum rated generation.
All right. What’s next? I
Feel like at a certain point there won’t be a next and you’re still gonna ask me
That. Yeah, of course. Is that now? So what’s next. What’s next Austin. Actually, I’m trying to figure out what’s next. What is next? Are we good? All right, Austin. Before you build your new PC, you must destroy the old.
Now before you comment, we’re just kidding. This is the actual real PC. That was the old one. We’re actually gonna give this PC away to you in this video. And because we’re gonna throw in this GPU card, a 30, 80 ti, I don’t know why I call it a GPU card. I feel like a boomer. It’s a graphic card enter below. Now. You’re not getting this Beasley PC unless I get some content outta you. So you’re gonna build this yourself and to make it a bit interesting. You’re gonna do this in VR. I’m not gonna leave you without help, cuz you’ve never built a computer before in your entire life. You’re gonna have the help of my darling daughters over here. If you build this PC to perfection and it post on the first attempt, you’re getting a $10,000 raise.
Safety first. It’s an antistatic rate. A strap. Don’t help me. You can only direct him. You can only tell him what to do. Oh yeah.
I, I direct him. You
Open it. Okay. This is
Empty. Specifically. Locked to record naturally itself.
Oh, coffee break. Take a little sip. Y’all remember how to do this, right? No,
No, we don’t need, y’all just watch the video.
Hold on the side and
Don’t touch the D bottom of that. That
One’s the bottom of it. It’s it’s a silver box to make. I can tell, I feel like, uh, Indiana Jones or something.
You don’t look like Indiana Jones
This way. No. Nope.
Don’t don’t scoot it. Don’t scoot it
Off the
Lower the lever.
Yeah. There’s whole hatches there
Wow. Good job guys. Woohoo. This one’s not as delicate, but you don’t feel could break it if you’re forceful enough. Oh,
We got it. Betty. We did. I think the storage
Don’t turn you. How do I hold this one on the sides or on this edges? Don’t touch it. Gold. How can I tell what’s going? All right. You guys know where this goes. Okay.
There, there is now a slot visible, but where’s
It go give you a hint. It’s right there.
I see that notch can tell if it needs to be on this side. I think it’s this way, but what do I know? I’m
Hungry. Hey, you, you look like a crazy version. I know. I know. But Austin’s taking Forevers.
I’m sorry. I don’t want to force it in I’m I feel like I to break it.
You’re good. It’s okay.
Oh it isn’t it’s
So it will stick up like that until you screw it in. Careful fans are resting on the
Board. Yeah. You’ll crack it.
Just kinda hold that over there. Just hold that still. And then That off
You supposed to do it. Take
On, put on.
It’s impossible to see.
So make sure they’re really tight, but only like don’t try to use
The yeah, done.
Bob’s send that to forever. You have to, to you
App. Exactly. Right? Good job. Right? Cameron, bring that surgical in here please.
Easy. No, the next one
Left. Left. Drop her in. Perfect. Yes. Oh, I press her in you’ll you’ll
Click. Just like you did with the Ram
That we shared in right
He said the starboard.
Course. Perfect
Austin. So good at this. He’s never done this before. Y’all were
This God do everything.
All right. Continuing.
We’re powering this baby up.
Powering baby.
Right. Power. Right? Just tested What you doing? Stop it.
It’s I you did it.
So you got about little cables. Oh right. Girl
Question. So many cables. The power supply. Is this an M
Moderator? No.
All right. Let me, let me mod pizza. Mod pizza power supply. Sounds pretty good.
Really? No.
It has nothing to do with anyone in your family or food. Actually. They were right though. That does stand for modular. So I said mod You
I don’t think it stands for modular
Pizza. It does. What do you think it stands for?
Can I stop in Cameron again?
You can sub in your wife.
Michaela. Help me.
This is Michaela. The superstar admin behind I work Chuck and it’s also Austin’s wife
Read for me what this says
CPU. And I’m just kidding.
You it’s like don’t do that to me now. What does this side say?
P C I Dashy
Actually, I, I will let Abby sub in. Not sub just come help. No, I don’t want you in addition to you been on camera this whole time. Yeah.
Nick stopped thinking any of this thing. Argument.
Okay. I won’t
Do again.
You totally it
Don’t in
There. Don’t don’t put it in there besides your paychecks. That’s I’m saying,
Was that the first eight?
That one actually got me.
Okay, Austin. I think, um, at this point we can power it out and see the posts Let’s do it. And if it does post
Don’t let
All right. Moment of truth. Right on Uhoh uh, Uh, Austin. What just happened?
Well with these hands, I’ve created life. It’s beautiful.
So we have officially posted the build. Congrats, Austin, you win. Now you have to put it all a case. That’s the easy part. No, it’s not
Austin. Turn your build on. I can just get it, get it, get it. Oh yeah. You completed the build. It posted the first time. So $10,000 ring. I did it now. Hold up, hold up. Micro center. It’s more than just building custom PCs here at micro center, we have plenty of items for small business, net gear, TPE link, and even some of this stuff. There’s plenty of different options for here at micro center for you and your small business. So come on and stop by today and pick yourself up a Tranet switch. So seriously micro center’s a place you wanna come to for small business networking and switching. It’s where I come for stuff. Cause I’ve been, you run a small business in my house. Now for Austin, he needs spam unify switch, bam and wall unify AP. So like sinner where you can get game stuff. But also it’s not all about fun and games. We need business. We also have access points. We were in their own aisle. They have more than we even thought. There you go.
Thank you.
Okay. Bill Dunn, Austin. I have to install when it was 11 and get back to work. How’s going tomorrow. It’s almost tomorrow. Might as well start today.

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