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Using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Python to Monitor Cisco Router – #DEVNET CCNA

I went a little CRAZY getting this to work...but I did it...using Python, Arduino, Raspberry Pi....I was able to monitor some router statistics on the Cisco CSR 1000v [...]

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Should I start Learning AWS?? – NetworkChuck AMA – Ask Me Anything

Should I start learning some AWS....Amazon Web Services? Also, ASK ME ANYTHING!! 🎄🎄NetworkChuck 10 Days of Christmas🎄🎄 DAY 3 GIVEAWAY: Chris Bryant CCNA Course - http://bit.ly/2zYD1hL 🔥🔥ENTER TO [...]

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How To get a JOB with a CCNA (Network Engineer) | CCNA Routing and Switching

Can you get a job as a Network Engineer or Network Admin with just a CCNA certification? YES!! My little brother, Cameron, with only a year of helpdesk [...]

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NetworkChuck 10 Days of Christmas 2018 – CBT Nuggets | David Bombal | Kevin Wallace (and more!!)

IT Training Give AWAY - 2018!!! I am giving away IT training from CBT Nuggets, David Bombal, Kevin Wallace, Chris Bryant, Boson NetSim and AlphaPrep!!! STARTS December 12th, [...]

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Getting Started in IT…and MORE! – my LIVE interview on IT Career Questions’ YouTube Channel

Live Interview with Network Chuck - Ask Us Anything Checkout my interview with Zach from IT Career Questions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔥🔥SAFARI BOOKS ONLINE🔥🔥 7 DAY FREE TRIAL ➡➡➡ http://bit.ly/2FsyqWo [...]

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