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Studying for certifications and advancing your career is HARD! Sometimes, you just need a little motivation and a few helpful tips. That’s what I’m hoping you get from NetworkChuck.

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Cisco Call Manager (CUCM) – Route Groups, Route Lists, Route Patterns!!

Continuing my Dial Plan series for Cisco Call Manager (CUCM), I am covering Route Groups, Route Lists, and Route Patterns!! Are you ready to save the Galactic Empire? Learn how to configure Route Groups, [...]

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CCNA or Python? | Should I Become a Network Engineer or a Programmer?

Networking, as we know it, is changing. Some even say the Network Engineering field/career is dying. So, should you waste your time on the CCNA or just dive straight into programming in Python? [...]

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Am I Smart Enough to Be a Network Engineer? – CCNA | CCNP Study

Am I smart enough to be a Network Engineer? It's time for some real talk. I want to share something with you guys that I struggled with (and currently STRUGGLE with) everyday. [...]

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