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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Become a Network Engineer | CCNA | Information Technology

Being a Network Engineer isn't always awesome...sometimes it SUCKS...just ask my wife, Abbey! If you're working on your CCNA, keep going...but understand it isn't all roses. BUT IT'S STILL TOTALLY WORTH IT! 🎄🎄NetworkChuck 10 Days of Christmas🎄🎄 DAY 8 GIVEAWAY: Boson NetSim 12 for CCNA 🔥🔥ENTER TO WIN: [...]

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Am I Smart Enough to Be a Network Engineer? – CCNA | CCNP Study

Am I smart enough to be a Network Engineer? It's time for some real talk. I want to share something with you guys that I struggled with (and currently STRUGGLE with) everyday. It's this thought that creeps up every once in a while, a voice in my head that tells me  I [...]

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