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I hired someone. I have a new employee who is going to help me do more with NetworkChuck.

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
0:45 ⏩ What is NetworkChuck up to?!?!
1:20 ⏩ NetworkChuck History Lesson
2:35 ⏩ Here is where I failed….
4:43 ⏩ My NEW Employee!!
7:48 ⏩ Our new noob
10:35 ⏩ 2022 Goals!
14:35 ⏩ Outro

In this video, you don’t need to learn anything right now. In fact, this video is kind of weird. I just wanna talk for example, Hey, I hired a new employee, which is crazy because I now have three full-time employees. And I’ll tell you who this person is here in a bit. They’ve been on the channel before and I’m stoked. They’re gonna help me do some crazy stuff. But before I do that, I wanna talk, I wanna have a conversation. Like I said, this is gonna be a weird video. I’m not even drinking coffee. This is actually tea legit. This really is tea. Let’s roll with me. I don’t know. And thank you to hello, fresh sponsoring this video. We’re gonna cook some of that food here in a bit. You don’t wanna miss that. Trust me. But anyways, I just wanna talk about, Hey, what is network Chuck up to?
What is this channel even about? I go from making Python videos to making videos on NFTs. What’s going on now I want it to tell you about that. I’m gonna answer some of those weird questions that you might have. So what am I up to? Why am I drinking tea? Why am I hiring people? What is the future of network, Chuck? And why should you even stick around and watch what I’m doing? And why has the network Chuck finished the CCNA course or his Linux course or his Python course. We’ll cover all that. Don’t worry. All these questions shall be answered. And I’m sorry, I’ll just get that out in front. I’m sorry. This will basically be a video of why I am a failure. Why I failed you? Why I failed myself and what I’m going to do about that seriously. It’s just the future of network.
Chuck, what am I doing anyways? Here we go. Get your coffee or your tea, whatever you feeling like right now. And let’s go back in 2 20, 21 and 2020. I’m sorry. Bit of the history lesson right now. Don’t worry. I’ll explain why I’m doing this. So I went full-time YouTube in 2020 mean mean I quit my full-time job. And I started doing this, just talking to a camera all day, like in the same person. And this was insanely scary. Like I was terrified to do this and I had a good job. I loved my job. I was a full-time instructor at CBT nuggets. I, I taught technical stuff, basically what I’m doing here, but I quit because I wanted to do more free stuff on my YouTube channel. I wanted more of my training to not be behind a paywall and more, really available, more accessible to you back in 2020.
I’m not even sure how many subscribers I had. I had to look it up on the way back machine, which is super cool. You can look at websites back in time. This is what YouTube channel looked like back in 2020, uh, September, 2020. And at that time I had 459,000 subscribers, which is pretty dang good, but I have grown a bit since then and early 20, 21, I 1 million subscribers, which is just insane to me. I cannot believe that’s even a thing. I never thought I hit a hundred thousand and now I have a million subscriber plaque behind me. It’s freaking crazy. And by the way, thank you. Like you guys are here. Thank you for watching my stuff and subscribing and sticking around. So yeah, since I went full time, I grew a ton and it’s been crazy. We made a lot of fun videos. Uh, I even got big on TikTok.
For some reason I have like 300,000 followers on TikTok. I don’t know why, but even with all that growth and what might seem like success, I feel like I failed. I feel like I failed you. And I feel like I failed myself. So here’s where I failed. And I’m currently failing. I started three series, the CCNA series, the Linux for hacker series and the Python right now series. And you may have noticed that they are not done. You, you may have noticed, right? Like the CCNA series yeah. See you in 2027 when it’s finally completed and the other two series, they’re just, they’re just not done. And I hate that they should be done right now, but they’re not. And that’s my fault. And honestly, that’s just a fraction of what I wanted to do and accomplish on this channel. But I can’t , I can’t, I reach my limit.
I can’t produce that much at the quality I wanna produce. I just don’t have the time or the energy. Now. I’m not just now realizing that I realize that pretty early on. So in 2021, I made some pretty scary moves. I actually hired two full-time people in 2021. I hired an admin to help me respond to emails and stuff. And I hired a video editor and doing that was a lifesaver. Amazing. I loved it so much that I even have another video editor. I contract out and I have a graphic designer doing my thumbnails. So essentially I was trying to remove every task away from me that wasn’t just making content. I wanted to be able to do more. So I’m like, take this off my plate. All these people can take off video editing and thumbnail creation and all that stuff that I don’t really have to do.
And I’ll just focus on what I only can do, creating the content, getting on in front of a camera like this right here. But even with that, even with all those people helping me, I still failed because I am the problem. I’m the bottleneck. There’s still only one of me. And that’s a problem I want to, to solve. And that’s the problem I’m solving in this video. I basically hired another me, someone who’s walked the same path as me, someone who understands technology and who can get in front of a camera and talk and someone who loves tech, like they eat, sleep and breathe it. Gosh, I’m so excited to tell you who it is. And it’s actually someone you’ve already seen on this channel. They’ve been on here numerous times and you’ve kind of seen them grow up and by, I mean, you’ve seen them grow up in their it journey from nothing to knowing nothing about tech, to becoming a pretty awesome engineer. So who is this person? This person that can help me produce more content, the person who can help me grow this channel and help me actually fulfill my commitments of completing all these courses and doing even more. Who is
Meet Cameron. He is my new hire, my new content creator, working with me with network Chuck to produce more awesome stuff. Now again, you’ve probably seen this guy before. He’s my brother. He looks a little like me. He, his beard needs some help. You need some work. Doesn’t he trimmed it. bunny even kind of sounds like me. Do you sound like me? No. Wait. Alexa, who am I?
I think you’re Chuck
so, Hey, see if you can, uh, know who’s saying it ready go. You need to learn Lennox right now. Let’s try it one more time. You need to learn Lennox right now. The comment below, if, uh, if you know who it was, but the best part about him is that he’s a huge nerd. he loves technology. And a lot of you, if you’re an OG subscriber from the beginning, you saw his journey. First, I told him, right outta high school, do not go to college. Don’t do it. That’s a video for another time. Or maybe you see my previous videos anyways. You know how I feel about that? So he skipped college when he was 18, he got his, a plus certification at 19. He got a job at a computer repair shop. And at the same time, got his CSUN certification rest in peace.
This was, uh, half of the CCNA back in the day. And with his a plus his Cnce and his experience at 20, he got a job on a help desk. And also at 20, he got a CCNA and we made a live stream about that, about his journey. And then later that year, while he was still 20, he landed his first network job, his first networking engineering job, which by the way, you’re probably thinking, oh, of course he got a job he’s network Chuck’s brother network. Chuck helped him. I mean, yeah, sure. I told him, Hey, get your CCNA. That’s a smart thing to do. But he studied himself. He got these certifications himself. He got the job interviews himself. And I wanna point that out because this path is real. it is an amazing path you can choose and, and just accelerate your career like crazy.
When he was 21, he figured out his love for the cloud. And also just realized that you need to learn the cloud right now because it is the freaking future. And he got his AWS solutions architect, associate certification, a mouth full to half at the young age. There’s 22. He transferred from network engineering to, to cloud engineering. Now, again, I’m not telling you all this just to brag. I mean, I kind of am. I’m proud of my brother for doing all that. It’s crazy cool. But also you can do that. I did pretty much the same thing. And I said, Hey, you do this. Let’s see if it works. And it did. So anyways, I wanted to take him and his love for tech and his ambition and bring that into network Chuck, to help me show more people how cool this path is and to teach you things along the way and enough talking about him, let’s meet him.
All right, Cameron, you heard the man say something. Hey guys, I’m Cameron . So this guy is gonna help me do some stuff. Um, mainly finish his courses and help him finish the ones. He’s gonna start later cuz I suck and I have a bunch of plans. He’s gonna help me do it. And like Chuck said, I love, it’s always been a passion of mine. And now Chuck and I are wanting to combine what we’ve done, the experiences we’ve had and help others just like us get into the field and become as successful as we were a camera stop. Bragging. I mean that we, we, we were successful. I mean, we, we accelerated really quickly in it and that’s open to everybody. That’s why we wanted to do this kind of stuff and wanna show more people how to go down this path, whether they’ve already been in it for a little bit or whether they’re starting out from new.
And we have someone that we want to show this path and it’s actually gonna be our editor Austin. And we’re gonna force him down this path to show you it works. Whether he likes it or not. Exactly good luck, Austin. uh, uh, forced, let us know if you wanna meet Austin comment below. So yeah, my brother who was a cloud engineer is still a cloud engineer. You never stop being that, but now he’s helping me on my channel. I’m proud of him. I’m glad he is here to help me out. And he’s gonna be a great asset to the channel. Get used to seeing more of him. Um, we’re gonna make some cool content. Hey, real quick. Let’s take a coffee break and hear some words from our sponsor. Hello, fresh Cameron. Tell ’em about hello, fresh. I know you’re gonna do that. tell ’em Cameron with hello fresh.
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I mean it was, it was good. I think so did good to me. It looked good. Yeah. So good to hello, and use promo code network. Chuck 16 to get up to 16 free meals and three surprise gifts. Cameron, you heard that right? What did I just say? they heard you right? Chuck G Wilker. go to hello, and use promo code network. Chuck 16 to get up to 16 free meals and three. So of prize gifts. all right. Now back to Chuck with a black shirt. See you Chuck now back to you Chuck all right. So now let me tell you what I have in store for 2022 and the future and beyond Teare I don’t sell T so I can’t sell it to you 20, 22. What’s going on and what can I do now with Cameron helping first?
I’m happy to say we are bringing that live stream back. Yes, I’m so excited. You may recall that I used to have a live stream. I do every single Monday and it was really fun. I know a lot of you enjoyed it. We’re bringing it back and we’re gonna bring it back with whew, full force. We’re gonna bring in some really cool people to interview. In fact, I would like to know who you would want me to interview comment below. We’re gonna make that a recurring thing. It’s gonna be on a podcast. It’s a whole thing. It’s gonna be awesome. Also in 2022, I wanna focus more on community, building a solid, amazing community to help all of you reach your goals in it. Become hackers programmers. Get on the help desk, become a network engineer, cloud engineer, just get started, change your career. Everything I wanna help you do that.
So I’ll have a new focus on community. It’s gonna be centered around our disc core channel. You’re not part of discord. I said channel, I mean discord server, if you’re not part of that, go join. And of course the obvious thing is that we’re gonna produce more content, more fun, crazy experimental videos that we always do, like crypto mining and NFTs and all that, but also good meat and potatoes courses on things that you wanna learn and we’ll do our best to make it fun, which really isn’t hard because most of tech is pretty free. Awesome. I mean, it’s not hard to just go isn’t this cool. I’m just showing it too. Look at it. It’s fun. So we’re gonna make some awesome content for you this year, more than I did last year, which was not much to brag about now, what I’m not gonna do here is go into specific details.
I don’t wanna make like really ambitious promises and never deliver on them. But what I am doing here is just kind of giving you a peak of what I have planned, what the goal is for network Chuck, and just know that I have help now. So my goals are a lot more ambitious. I’ve got a lot more things planned that I’m not saying here. And by the way, if you have any ideas for what we could do, let us know below, what do you wanna see more of? What do you wanna see us do? Let us know. Oh, and also there is we, one other thing I’ve been working on and I want to invest a lot more in 2022. And that’s my membership on my membership website. You may have seen, I’ve only advertised it a lot just yet, but I have a membership called network, Chuck premium.
This is a work in progress, but right now it’s 12 bucks a month. And I’ll tell you what you get from that $12 a month here in a moment. But the main point of it is to help network. Chuck do more stuff. And I wanna say that, I feel like I’m talking about myself and third person. I meant like network Chuck, the company, to help us do more things, produce more content freely available on YouTube. Now you don’t have to do that. And by all means, just continue to watch the channel and enjoy what I produce. I mean maybe sit through and ad every once in a while, that would help a lot. But this is just a way to partner alongside what we do and help us do more of it. Now, along with warm, fuzzy feeling, I am constantly trying to add more value to that.
For example, just this year, let me show it to you. We added Nahham sex intro to bug bounty hunting course. That’s hard to say bug bounty hunting course to the site. So if you’re interested in becoming a bug bounty hunter, which is a hacker that is legally allowed to hack regular companies like apple and Microsoft, and you get paid for, if you wanna learn how to do that, they’ll show you how in this course. And if you sign up for a network check premium, it’s completely free. You can watch it right now. Now also as part of a premium and get early access to all the stuff I make in advance. So like Python right now, raspberry pie projects. And pretty much everything I create goes here first. So check it out, link below if you wanna help us do more of this, but yeah, that’s pretty much it.
That’s all I got. That is the future of network to Chuck 20, 22. I can’t give you too many details, but I, I can just tell you more. I, um, I always start my years and you know, new year’s resolution January, everyone’s kind of in that mindset. I always start my year with a phrase I want to have in my face in front of my eyes all the time, the entire year. And that’s do more better. I actually put, I get up from NK, B H, D uh, that popular YouTube who does amazing work. I wanna do more and I wanna do it better. So I wanna constantly increase the, the quality of my work, but also do a lot more of it. So yeah, again, that was a lot of talking. It’s not a normal video. I’m not showing you how to do something or learn something right now.
It’s not a technical tutorial. It’s just me jabbering along about the future of what I’m doing here. Uh, again, I wanna thank you so much for just sticking around, uh, to my original subscribers back to when I was under 1000 to where we are now. Thank you so much for sticking around. Thank you to all my current members, I’ve network, Chuck premium, and my YouTube channel. You guys are helping me do more of this. I’m so thankful for you guys, but yeah, I have to end this sometime. I’m just excited for 2022. I’m excited for all the content I have planned to produce and put out there. So yeah, stay tuned. Don’t forget to subscribe. Hit that notification belt. Most of you don’t have that notification belt select it. Cuz if you wanna be notified, when I post a video, you gotta have that on.
And of course join the discord community. One of the main ways to be insanely successful in it is to find like-minded people and surround yourself with them, buying people smarter than you. And they will build you up. That’s my goal, my dream for this discord community and it’s already happening. So jump in there, link below. I just can’t find a way to end this video. Uh, Cameron, can you end the video for me? Stick Corp screws in my ears. Hey, this is like watching himself talk, let us know what you think, how and how he sounds. Tell him he does a great job and he’ll get used to it. Alright, bye guys. We’ll catch you guys next time.

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