How To View Call Statistics In Cisco Jabber – Cisco Jabber Call Statistics

How To View Call Statistics in Cisco Jabber


As a Cisco Voice and Network Engineer, I have had to check the call statistics on my phones a hundred thousand times!! It’s an invaluable tool to troubleshoot a call in real-time and is an essential troubleshooting step. This was easy enough to do on the Cisco 7900 series phones (Press the question mark button twice while on a call!) If only you could check your Cisco Jabber Call statistics!!


..And on the 7800 series, you have to navigate through the admin settings to get to call statistics. Either way, it showed you some pretty great stuff, like the codecs being used, the packets sent and received, voice quality…’s just an amazing tool.


How do I do this in Cisco Jabber?

Cisco Jabber for the looooooogest time did not give you this incredible insight into your calls. But… they do!! Well, as long as you are on Cisco Jabber 10.5 and above (all clients) you will be golden.

Cisco Jabber for Windows:

Cisco Jabber for windows is a little tricky. It’s not just a pretty menu button you can press…they make you press a hotkey sequence! While on an active call, press CTRL+SHIFT+S and your call statistics will MAGICALLY appear. (You will only see legit stats for softphone calls)


Jabber Call Statistics - Windows

Cisco Jabber for iPhone/Android:

Cisco Jabber for iPhone and Android DOES have a pretty menu icon to select and view your call statistics. Simply press the 3 dotted menu option while on a call and select “Show Call Statistics”. It’s beautiful!!

Cisco Jabber for iPhone - Call Statistics 1                 Cisco Jabber Call Statistics iPhone - 2            Cisco Jabber Call Statistics iPhone - 2