we’re out of IP Addresses….but this saved us (Private IP Addresses)

Video Notes:

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In this next episode of NetworkChuck’s you SUCK at Subnetting course, we dive a bit deeper into how RFC1918 and NAT saved the internet from crumbling due to IP address exhaustion. So don’t miss out as Chuck goes into detail about RFC1918, NAT, and you guessed it…. More Subnetting!! We cover 2 main concepts in this video, Private IP Address and Network Address Translation. We also cover Public vs Private IP Addresses.

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
0:35 ⏩ your passwords suck too
2:48 ⏩ The internet Band-Aid
6:02 ⏩ The even bigger solution, NAT
10:58 ⏩ IPv4 + 2
12:54 ⏩ Outro
14:01 ⏩ Are you working on your CCNA??

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