WI-FI 6, Why it’s the BIGGEST update to Wi-Fi EVER! – 802.11ax

Video Notes:

We have a new wireless standard… 802.11ax or WIFI 6…and it’s AMAZING!! It’s not just faster, it changes the game! With features like OFDMA, TwT, and BSS Coloring, wifi will never be the same.

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This video was sponsored by Cisco.

Learn more about WiFi-6/802.11ax: http://cs.co/6005EkJzz

Check out this page: What is WiFi-6: http://cs.co/6007EkJz9

Read the blog: 802.11ax: The Sixth Generation of Wi-Fi: http://cs.co/6003EkJOD

Read the technical paper on Wi-Fi 6/802.11ax titled: The Sixth Generation of Wi-Fi: http://cs.co/6007EkJpt

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