your IP Address looks weird…(and you still suck at subnetting)

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Are you ready to become a subnetting ninja? In this episode, NetworkChuck will show you the most important skill when it comes to subnetting, decimal to binary conversion! It doesn’t sound to0 exciting, but it’s pretty fun and is a key building block when it comes to learning subnetting. So, in this episode, NetworkChuck will show you how to convert an IP Address (IPv4 Address) from decimal to binary and binary to decimal.

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
1:47 ⏩ Breaking down the IPv4 Address (binary)
4:56 ⏩ the secret decoder ring for Decimal to binary conversion
6:10 ⏩ Sponsor read
8:50 ⏩ Binary to Decimal conversion
11:25 ⏩ Decimal to Binary Conversion

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